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CJS25: Photography Competition 

As part of our Birthday Celebrations CJS is running a Photography Competition

Congratulations to our winners, enjoy their wonderful images below.



September Winner 



ducklings on Lancaster Canal, winning photo by John Jones

Ducklings on the Lancaster Canal by John Jones.

See the full size image here.


The CJS Team say this is a simply a beautiful scene; the depth of this image really appealed to all of us, noticing the duck and ducklings in the foreground before being drawn deeper through the arch of the bridge and on to the water beyond.  The bright sunshine illuminating the brilliant greens of the verdant plant life and creating the reflection of the mother duck on the water and highlighting the ripples the little flotilla are making in the otherwise still water. All creating a very pleasing image where the more you look, the more there is to see.





Bothy at Harris on Isle of Rum. The grassland ar Harris glen kept grazed by highland cattle, rum ponies and feral goats, encouraging a variety flowers and plants, such as marsh orchid and pillwort. by Isabelle Miles.

See full size image here.


CJS:  We liked the contrast of the green machair with the bright blue sky; the shadows of the clouds on the distant hills create a sense of movement.  The white walled bothy creates a bright spot drawing your focus which is then led towards the water by the drystone wall.  The grazing ponies give the image a hint of the land management being carried out on the Island. 

Katie sums it up best:  "Itís a simple and yet stunning photo of a beautiful landscape."

July 2019 - our inagural winners are:

Photographer: Laura Hartshorn (18)


Hoverfly : I took this image during a very warm, sunny day while playing with my dog in my garden in Shaw Mills.


CJS: We picked this photo because it's a lovely, in focus, close up of the fly where every hair is visible.  The main subject stands out well aginst the flat green background and the yellow flower reflects the insect's colouring all together making a nicely composed image.

Thetford Forest by Tracey Ketteringham

(full size here)


CJS: The sunbeams flooding through the trunks of the pines draw your eye into this image.  The golden rays illuminate the subject without detracting from the whole or flattening the overall colour palate.




How to enter

Simply email your photo (jpegs please) to photo@countryside-jobs.com along with your name and any information you want to include about your photo: what it shows, where it was taken and a caption for a funny one would be welcome too.

There is no limit on the number of entries, however, each image can only be entered once.

  • Full rules are here - please read them before sending your photos, we'll assume you have.
  • Remember to include your social media handles so we can tag you if we share your photos.



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