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Published: 8 February 2010

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Shadow Ranger & Mentor (credit: Forestry Commission)

Shadow Ranger & Mentor (Forestry Commission) 


Sherwood Forest Community Rangers, in partnership with Nottinghamshire County Council, Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust and Greenwood Community Partnership, provide voluntary apprenticeships known as Shadow Rangers. These placements are targeted at individuals seeking to gain experience in the countryside sector.  


A 6 - 12 month placement, volunteering 1-3 days per week, allows volunteers to develop on the job skills and experience, including practical site management, working with groups, planning and undertaking countryside events and environmental education. A range of formal and informal training opportunities are also provided alongside work-based learning to allow individuals to develop a good range of skills and abilities during the programme.


Since 2005 70% of shadows have gone on to successfully find relevant work in the field or have gone on to further study. The shadow ranger scheme enables individuals to gain direct experience from those in the profession as well as being given the chance and freedom to lead on an assortment of projects, tasks and events, all in preparation for developing careers within the field.

Volunteer seeking advice from Shadow Ranger (credit: Forestry Commission)

Volunteer seeking advice from Shadow Ranger

(Forestry Commission)

Shadow Ranger removing invasive tree species with young volunteer

(Forestry Commission)

"Iíve found the Shadow Ranger scheme as informative as it is rewarding. It takes volunteering to the next level, with a great balance of in-house training days, coupled with Ďhands-oní manual labour tasks. Itís a great chance to really get to see how different Rangers operate, their daily responsibilities, and their overall involvement in the running of diverse environmental projects, giving me an insight into what skills and

knowledge is required for a career within the industry" Jeff Gilliam, Shadow Ranger

If you would like to find out more about this opportunity take a look at www.forestry.gov.uk/shadowrangers    


Forestry Commission, Sherwood District

Updated information January 2017:

Forestry Commission, in partnership with Notts County Council, offer placements across Central England work shadowing countryside staff. Placements are recruited in Spring and Autumn of each year.

All information can be found at www.forestry.gov.uk/shadowrangers .

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