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We mention lots of wildlife, birds especially, on our blog and being of the scientific persuasion have been keeping a list of species. For those who are interested here is the full list of wildlife seen out of the office window, in and over the garden.


Key to dots:

Regular Regularly seen in garden              w = winter visitor, s = summer visitor

OccasionalOccasional visitor to garden

Nests &/or lives Known to nest / live in garden

regularly seen Regularly seen from but not actually in garden

occasionally seen Occasionally seen from but not actually in garden



Species Seen   Notes
Black-backed Gull regularly seen
Blackbird Regular Nests &/or lives
Black-headed Gull regularly seen
Blue Tit Regular Nests &/or lives
Brambling Regular w
Bullfinch Only seen very occasionally.
Chaffinch Regular Nests &/or lives
Coal Tit Regular
Collared Dove Regular Nests &/or lives
Crow Regular
Curlew regularly seen s
Dunnock Regular Nests &/or lives
Fieldfare Occasional w
Garden Warbler Occasional s
Goldcrest Occasional
Goldfinch Regular
Great Tit Regular
Greater Spotted Woodpecker Only seen very occasionally.
Green Woodpecker Only seen very occasionally.
Greenfinch Regular Nests &/or lives
Grey Heron regularly seen
Herring Gull regularly seen
House Martin Regular s Nests &/or lives
House Sparrow Regular Nests &/or lives
Jackdaw Regular
Lapwing regularly seen
Long Tailed Tit Regular
Mistle Thrush Regular
Nuthutch Regular
Pheasant regularly seen
Redwing regularly seen w Very, very occasionally in the garden when the weather is very bad.
Robin Regular Nests &/or lives
Rook Regular
Siskin Regular
Song Thrush Regular
Sparrowhawk Occasional
Starling Regular Nests &/or lives
Swallow Regular s
Swift Regular s Nests &/or lives In 2009  we had two nests under the eaves
Tawny Owl Regular Seen regularly - often during the day, check the blog for more
Tree Creeper Occasional
Tree Sparrow Regular  
Willow Tit Occasional
Wood Pigeon Regular
Wren Regular Nests &/or lives
Yellowhammer Occasional





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