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FAQs or Frequently Asked Questions:

For Quick Queries


1. From Advertisers

2. From Subscribers / readers

3. From Advertisers and Subscribers (General questions)

If you can't find the answer to your question here or on the Quick FAQs page then please contact us.

Advertisers frequently ask:

Which of your three publications should we use?    
CJS Online for speed. CJS Weekly for free and very low cost adverts. CJS Professional for Public Sector adverts and Best Value.


Which of your publications gives the best value for money ads?
It is hard to beat a Standard Free Linage ad in CJS Weekly, but any advert in CJS Online automatically gets a Standard Free Linage ad in CJS Weekly as well, thus reaching an extra (and different) readership at no extra cost. On balance, CJS Professional (from 50) is sent to 1800+ Public Sector offices, AND appears in full on our website for the month at no extra cost AND in CJS Weekly! Summary:

  • Good Value: CJS Online (with a Standard Free Linage ad in CJS Weekly as well)
  • Better Value: CJS Weekly including online in full.
  • Best Value: CJS Profesional, advert appears in full in CJS Weekly and online


Can you put our ad online?
Yes. CJS Online will have your Linage and Display ads on our website within 24 hours, and usually THE SAME DAY (weekdays)! Email your ad.


How best to email artwork to CJS?
Please attach it as a PDF (or as a JPEG) and email it to ranger@countryside-jobs.com along with your instructions


What is 'Camera Ready Artwork'?
Ready to print, i.e. the right size, shape and layout. We keep our advertising rates so low by reducing the amount of artwork WE have to do.


What is your deadline?
We have several! Our COPY DEADLINES are: CJS Online no deadline, Monday to Friday inclusive and usually published the same day, last update at 4pm each day, except Friday which is at 3pm. CJS Weekly 5pm Thursday. (Space Booking Deadline for paid advertising: Noon Thursdays). Published every Monday. CJS Professional  12 noon on the Tuesday, published on the second Thursday of every month; full dates and deadlines here.


Is CJS VAT Registered?                
Yes. From 1/11/00. Our VAT Registration Number is 892 9082 79. Trade Classification: 22105 - Other Publishing. Please add VAT at standard rates to all CJS Advertisement costs. Charities paying for an ad can avoid VAT by completing a VAT exemption declaration [Click Herefor a blank declaration] and returning it to us.


Subscribers & Readers frequently ask:                 

Shall I send you my CV / Resume?

No thank-you. We are publishers, NOT a Recruitment Agency, so we have no need of your CV.  However, Countryside-Careers.Com is part of the CJS family and is the only CV listing site dedicated to UK countryside professionals.


Why subscribe to CJS Weekly when I can read CJS Online and CJS Professional on this website for free?
Our Daily and Professional publications contain only those jobs which the employers have PAID us to advertise, whereas our Weekly publication gives a Standard Free Linage ad to ALL the jobs we are aware of each week (a total of3,215 adverts were published in CJS Weekly in 2015) and it includes the weekly digest of vacancies reviewed from national newspapers, specialist publications and national organisation websites.


How much is it to subscribe to CJS Weekly?
To purchase a single copy as a downloaded PDF costs 3.15.

Postal subscriptions are: 2.50 per week for 2-10 weeks or 2.20 for 11+ weeks.

Email susbcriptions are: 1.25 per week for 4-10 weeks or 1.00 for 11+ weeks (including VAT at standard rates).

Digital online subscriptions are 1.00 for 4-10 weeks and 75p for 11+ weeks (including VAT at standard rates). 


How do I subscribe to CJS Weekly?
You can subscribe via this website, by post or by telephone: WEBSITE - click on Shop  and use your credit or debit card or your paypal account; POST - send a cheque or postal order payable to Countryside Jobs Service for the amount; TELEPHONE - Phone 01947 896007 to use your credit or debit card.


Do I need an Application Form to subscribe to CJS Weekly?
No. That would just be another piece of paper, another envelope, another stamp and another delay. We just need your name, address and payment. Please see CJS Weekly


What foreign currencies does your online shop accept?
You can pay online using Great British pounds sterling, European euros or US dollars. Or if you use paypal virtually any!              


When will I get my first issue of CJS Weekly?
If we receive your name, address and payment BEFORE 3pm on Thursdays it will be processed in time to dispatch your first issue that weekend. Email subscribers should receive theirs late on Fridays and Postal subscribers should receive theirs on Mondays. Your first issue will include jobs still current from previous weeks. NB: Any subscriptions received AFTER 3pm on Thursdays too late for that weekend's issue and are held over until until the FOLLOWING weekend.


What happens if I subscribe to CJS Weekly and then get a job?
When you get a job, or if at any time and for any reason you wish to discontinue your subscription, we will be happy to refund the remainder of your subscription to you, without quibble. Or you can transfer the subscription to a friend or colleague, or donate the remaining value to our featured charity, details here.


How will I know when to renew my subscription?
Subscribers who get their CJS Weekly delivered by post can check each week on their Address Page: The number in brackets (your Countdown Number) after your name shows how many more issues are still to come; The date of your Last Issue in that subscription is also given; Brightly coloured Subscription Renew Reminders are also sent with Countdown weeks 3 and 2. Those getting their copies online or via email receive Subscription Renew Reminders by email in Countdown weeks 4, 3, 2 & 1.


How do I Renew my Subscription to CJS Weekly?
Just the same as subscribing for the first time (see CJS Weekly). If it has lapsed, please let us know that you have subscribed before, as we MAY still have your details on the database. If you do not tell us that you are renewing a subscription we will assume it is an entirely new subscription and it may overlap your existing one.  


What jobs does CJS NOT include?
'The Environment' is a big field [true!] and sometimes the term can be too vague. We do NOT, for instance, include Environmental Health jobs (too much checking food shops for Salmonella, etc); nor overseas jobs (unless they are sent to us Direct, in which case we will include them, but not count them as part of our running total of paid UK jobs), nor asbestos, nor radiation related jobs. The jobs excluded are all valuable professions, but do not fall within our remit.


Royal Mail often delivers my CJS Weekly late - what can I do?
We pay Royal Mail to deliver all paper copies of CJS Weekly on Monday or Tuesday and sometimes they do. All postal copies of the CJS Weekly are posted on Saturday mornings and over 90% should be delivered on Mondays. If not you can contact your local Royal Mail Delivery Office (see Phone Book) and ask for a 'Lost, Damaged or Delayed Inland Letter Form' to complete and return to RM. They will write you a nice letter saying how unusual this is and enclose a book of stamps by way of apology. Better still, why not ask us (before 3pm on Thursdays) to transfer your details to the web access list, online copies are normally available from Friday evenings?


What is your deadline?

FOR NEW AND RENEWED SUBSCRIPTIONS for CJS Weekly the deadline is 3pm every Thursday. Any received after this will be held over to the following weekend.


Is CJS VAT Registered?                
Yes. From 1/11/00. Our VAT Registration Number is 892 9082 79. Trade Classification: 22105 - Other Publishing. NB: CJS Postal Subscriptions are NOT liable to VAT but electronic ones are! According to HM Revenue and Customs electronically transmitted material even if intended to be printed out does not qualify as printed matter but as a service and hence is liable for VAT. We include the VAT in the price, if you don't pay VAT contact us BEFORE placing your order and we maybe able to invoice you net of VAT.  Charities paying for an ad can avoid VAT by completing a VAT exemption declaration [Click Here for a blank declaration] and returning it to us.




What is the best time to phone?
Normal office hours. Or you can leave your name and telephone number, or send your fax, at any time. Our number is 01947 896007 (24 hours). Or email us.  We're a small team and sometimes you may get the answerphone - it doesn't mean we're ignoring you it's just that we're really busy so please leave a short message and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.


What about Bank Holidays?
The CJS office closes on Bank holidays (except Good Friday) however we publish CJS Weekly as usual, even if Royal Mail delivers it a day later than normal! At Christmas and New Year we close the CJS office completely and have our 'summer' holidays, usually from teh Friday or Monday before Christmas until around the 5th of January.


Is CJS a recruitment agency?
No. CJS is a small commercial publishing company, providing free and low cost information to promote countryside careers and environmental conservation on an ethical basis.


Is CJS just another rip-off?
No. In our last subscribers satisfaction survey (November 2015) 91.9% were highly satisified with CJS, no-one said our service fell into the low or very low levels. We also offer a no-quibble guarantee: Your satisfaction or a refund. Of the thousands of CJS Subscribers we have had in the last 10 years, only ONE single Subscriber has asked for their money back because they were dissatisfied (an email Subscriber who was unable to receive or recognise or open the attachments we were sending, assumed we hadn't sent any, didn't provide a phone number and didn't respond to our explanations - so we refunded their subscription in full. We asked for a receipt but they never replied). Lots of other Subscribers have asked for the remainder of their Subscription to be refunded because they have got a job - and this we are always very happy to do!


Does CJS have a Privacy Policy?
Yes: we will not give, exchange, buy or sell your details to any unauthorised party. (See also: Is your database properly registered and Legal Bits)?


Is your database properly registered?
Yes. Data Protection Act Registration Number: Z9570707. Names, addresses, etc are held on our computer. Your Credit / Debit card details are NOT held on any of our computers, the web payments are taken by PayPal and WorldPay, please see their T&C. We will NOT give, exchange, buy or sell your details to any unauthorised party.  Where we have your details on paper and once these are no longer needed we then shred the paper before it's used as bedding for our various animals and then composted for use on the garden.  That's pretty secure.                 


Why do you not advertise the CJS more?
We could spend lots of YOUR money on advertising ourselves, but we prefer to rely on the very best form of advertising possible: personal recommendation from the vast majority of our satisfied users. This way we can not only keep our prices down but also grow at a reasonable and sustainable rate.


Why so much sponsorship?
CJS is proud to support 1) the Scottish Countryside Rangers Association; 2) Countryside Management Association; 3) Naturenet and 4) the British Wildlife Photography Awards. This is our way of saying 'Thank-you' and of 'putting something back' into the Conservation Movement, without risking the financial viability of CJS.  We are also pleased to be able to help raise the profile of our featured charity and encourage you to support them, donate if you can.

Please read the Our Endorsements and Our Charities pages for more information.


Is CJS printed on recycled paper?
Yes. We use only 100% recycled paper and envelopes, which costs more than virgin paper but we believe it is the right thing to do. All our toner cartridges are returned for recharging. All our waste office paper and used newspapers are recycled. All used stamps from incoming mail are donated to charity.


That's it. Any other question you want answered just contact us by email or fill in our feedback form (under Contact us).       


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