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What is the best time to phone?

Normal office hours. Or you can leave your name and telephone number, or send your fax, at any time. Our number is 01947 896007 (24 hours). Or email us.  We're a small team and sometimes you may get the answerphone - it doesn't mean we're ignoring you it's just that we're really busy so please leave a short message and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.


Where's my copy of CJS Weekly?

If there are any problems in sending then these will be detailed on the blog.

If you're a new / renewed subscriber please note that the database closes at 3pm on Thursday, if your payment was received after this then it will have been too late for this weekend's mailing.


I can't log-in to see this week's edition.

Please make sure your subscription has not expired. There's a full list of CJS numbers and date of last edition online.


You've not got back to me.

We reply to every email.  If you've not received a response please contact us.

We have a 'backup' email address, just in case our email system fails. If you're concerned that your email has not reached us please resend and cc to the backup at: CJSWeekly@ googlemail.com


I keep getting the answerphone.

We work normal 9-5, Mon-Fri office hours but when we're very busy sometimes you will get the answerphone, please leave a message and we'll call you back or email us.


Not answered your query?

Then please contact us.


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