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CJS 25 years logo2019 is  a very special one for CJS, it's our silver anniversary!

Can you believe it? The first edition of Countryside Jobs Service, which later became CJS Weekly, was published 25 years ago that's roughly 1250 editions.

We're celebrating our birthday in lots of different ways across the year, keep an eye on our blog and social media feeds for details.  Starting with an updated logo: you'll see our 25th anniversary logo throughout the year. Read our introduction here.


We've asked a few friends for their thoughts on what CJS is, how it's helped them and their organisations and what's changed over the time since that very first edition. You'll find their wonderful comments below. 

You're welcome to add your comments, email is the easiest way.

And take part in our Birthday present giveaway here.


Birthday PresentThis month's Birthday Gift Giveaway!

logo: Forestry EnglandWe have an amazing year's membership to Forestry England for this month's birthday gift giveaway.

On 1 April 2019 Forestry Commission England became Forestry England. This marks the start of an exciting new chapter in our history. 

We are Englandís largest land manager and custodian of the nationís public forests. We have around 1,000 committed staff and volunteers looking after more land and more trees than any other organisation. We work in partnership with others across government and the charitable and private sectors.  You can read more about how we care for forests, managing them for people and communities, for nature and to support the economy. You can also search for your local forest and the activities you can explore. 

photo of people cycling in Forestry EnglandWe also offer membership to 30 different forests across England, each tailored for visiting and supporting a specific forest or wood. Itís an ideal way for our visitors to help us look after their local forest and save money through free parking and a variety of other benefits and discounts. Find out more about our membership. 

To celebrate CJSís birthday, you have the chance to win a Forestry England membership to a participating forest of your choosingÖ.


The Forestry Commission is also celebrating a BIG anniversary, their cententary, read about it here.


How do you win our birthday gifts?  Simply send us your name and email address (use the form here) and after the closing date, 3 May for the Membership pacakge,  we'll pull the names of the lucky winners out of a hat (OK, use a random number generator but you get the gist!). 


Birthday wishes from Friends and Colleagues 


logo: PlantlifeWay back in the last century, I earned a living in the commercial world.  I was spending more and more of my leisure time outdoors close to wildlife, an avid birder, enjoying work less and less and finally deciding that a career in nature conservation would be a good move.  But would there ever be a job that suited me?

Countryside Jobs Service, I was told.  It was pretty new then and thatís where I started looking.  My first memory of trying to change career is of learning as much as I could about ecology and habitat management.  My second is searching through CJS ads.  There were some jobs!  Maybe I would see one I might be able to do.  I canít actually remember where I saw my first conservation job advertised but either CJS or the Yorkshire Post led me to the Wildlife Trust, then to the RSPB and now Plantlife. 

And I havenít looked back since.  Although now Iíve typed that, Iíve realised itís not true.  I look back regularly at all thatís happened since I took that new job and the wonderful conservation activity that so many great colleagues and volunteers allowed me to play a small part in.  Nature still faces huge challenges but looking back at the results weíve all achieved must give us confidence that we can succeed. 

Whatís the biggest change over the years?  Well, personally, the birder from the last century was quickly convinced (and rightly so!) than the rest of the natural world was just as intriguing as the avian bits.  Hand lens and moth trap, as well as binoculars, now.  Iím now working for Plantlife, conserving plants and fungi.  We all know where wild flowers lead, wildlife follows. And, across the sector, itís been really heartening to see rivalry replaced with ever more co-operation and joint projects.  Just as I started writing this, I checked the CJS website and what did I see?  A vacancy in the Back from the Brink team alongside the Plantlife logo.  Thereís no better example than Englandís biggest species recovery partnership of how weíre working together to do even more for nature. 

And thanks CJS for playing your part as you have for 25 years. 

Michael Krause, Acting Chief Executive Plantlife 


logo: Harper Adams UniversityHarper Adams University Careers Service have promoted and used the Countryside Jobs Service Weekly for many years in a whole manner of ways. We promote the service and highlight the website in all our taught sessions and engagement with students. This can be part of one to one guidance sessions with students and also in larger group sessions. Feedback from students has been excellent and the opportunities advertised and written articles have proven helpful in kick starting careers once students have completed their degree courses.

Volunteering and seasonal work has also been able to enhance students CVís and help them evidence and gain experience, all things essential for candidates competing for posts.

The Careers Service feel the Countryside Jobs Service is an essential part of our guidance tool kit and frankly we could not do without it!

 Maria Simpson, Careers Service Manager, Harper Adams University     


logo: TCV 

On behalf of all our staff and volunteers at TCV, the community volunteering charity we would like to wish Countryside Job Service a very Happy 25th Birthday. A huge thank you for your continued support in helping us to achieve our goal of creating healthy, happy communities for everyone. We look forward to another 25 years of supporting the countryside and environmental sector.

TCV, the community volunteering charity.


logo: HighGroundWe have been subscribers to CJS for nearly 2 years Ė I wish Iíd found them sooner..!!

HighGround is a charity I started in 2013.

Our Mission is to Improve the wellbeing and employment prospects of serving personnel and veterans using the green environment.

We do this is 2 ways Ė by providing the Horticultural Therapy service for injured serving personnel at the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre at Stanford Hall and, for those still serving and veterans who know they donít want to work in an office but not quite sure what they want to do, we provide advice and support about opportunities in the land-based sector, with Rural Weeks at the core.

Long before they are ready to search for a job, we help them to look beyond their military identity and consider their transferable skills. Being able to direct them to CJSís jobs board is a fantastic way for them to see that there are so many roles which they are ideally suited to Ė some even involve wearing camouflageÖ..!

I think CJS is a terrific organisation which punches well above its weight. Happy Anniversary and hereís to the next quarter century!


Anna Baker Cresswell @HighGroundBoss

Read more about HighGround in their In Depth profile article here.


Logo: Countryside Managment Association (CMA)Following many years of successful, collaborative working, many congratulations to all the team at CJS for such a fabulous job! The CMA immensely values all the services offered by CJS especially the very fast and efficient services promoting vacancies, volunteer opportunities and the exceptionally helpful, wide-ranging information, on a myriad of topics, in the regular editions of CJS Focus. The latter offers key facts, lots of opportunities and genuine encouragement to the broad audience of those interested in countryside management. The services offered by CJS are held in great esteem by CMA members and long may our close relationship continue. Well done for 25 years of excellent work!

Linda Nunn

Chairman, Countryside Management Association (CMA) 


CJS Introduction to our 'Birthday' year:


Some things change and others stay the same

One thing that has remained unchanged across all the years is that CJS is unique in offering free advertising for just about everything relating to our sector.  However, we know that sometimes you need more information than we can include in the short free linages and often logos are required so we're delighted to be able to keep the rates for these paid options unchanged for another year.

What has changed is that Countryside Jobs Service now advertises much more than countryside jobs our range has expanded to include ecology, wildlife, animal care, community involvement, rural and urban sites, fundraising, admin support, visitor management, arboriculture, environmental and outdoor education and today we publish a lot more than 'just' jobs advertising voluntary roles and recruitment days, apprenticeships and intern placements, citizen science projects, training courses, professional events, a full news round up service and a vast array of in depth information and articles providing insights and help to establish professional and new starters alike.

photo of Niall


From small beginnings

In July 1994 the first edition of CJS Weekly landed on doormats - mostly those belonging to members of CMA who, along with SCRA, received a 10% discount off subscriptions (no longer I'm afraid).  It seems like it was only five minutes ago that we were stuffing sheets of A4 from a daisy-wheel printer into multi-sized, shaped (and even perfumed) self addressed envelopes.  Yes, that's how it all started which was a huge step forward from photocopies of adverts in newspapers which formed the Jobs Service for CMA members way back when.  CJS founders, Niall and Anthea Carson took on the task of converting those snippets into a cohesive newsletter, Anthea devised the unique advert format, Niall sorted out the filing system for the envelopes and they were off.  As word spread of how good this new service was, subscriber numbers increased and the daisy-wheel printer was swapped for a dot-matrix before the heat from the printwheel caused the office to combust.  In those early days there was no paid advertising only the Standard Linage which was all free; with the increase of outside funding and funding partners needing to use logos (even on a free advert) we started taking paid adverts. CJS has continued to grow following the natural progression of the countryside sector with just a gentle nudge every now and then.  Niall retired in 2006 - we had a little celebration - since then the CJS Team has grown to five members plus office dogs, people often can't believe that it's just our small team producing the behemoth that is CJS, covering three newsletters, one quarterly publication and the huge website - sometimes I'm not sure I do either!


Reasons to be proud 

photo: digger moving snow drifts

We're incredibly proud that in our 25 years we have never missed a deadline despite some very trying circumstances ranging from seriously broken websites and multi-day power cuts to needing a large digger to excavate several feet of snow from the lane to the office, when things get tough it's all hands

photo: child pulling a sledge loaded with mail bags

 on deck even if those are very little hands helping to sledge a sack of newsletters to the local post office - school might be closed but CJS keeps rolling on!


We're just as proud that we hold true to Niall and Anthea's principals of putting back as much into conserving the countryside as possible, CJS is run along Social Enterprise principals.  We still offer Standard Free Linage in CJS Weekly in fact, it's possible to advertise virtually anything (anything relevant to the countryside that is) free of charge with CJS. 



We've been asking friends to let us know what CJS means to them and we'll be sharing their thoughts with you throughout the year. They'll all be collated on this page (scroll down) and you're welcome to add your comments (email is the easiest way).

We're also accepting and giving away birthday presents starting with a lucky dip for 25 annual email subscriptions to CJS Weekly.  We also have four 2019 calendars from the British Wildlife Photography Awards. Simply send us your name and email address and at the end of the month we'll pull the names of the lucky winners out of a hat (OK, use a random number generator but you get the gist!).


Into the futureÖ

During the year we are launching several new projects not least of which will be a sparkling new website later this spring once the January madness dies down and we get on with the monster task of transferring all the information.  We have something exciting planned for July which is our actual birthday month, so keep reading!

Birthday wishes from readers:


Happy birthday CJS thanks for helping find great jobs in my first ten years of working in the industry!

Have a simply stunning silver birthday...heres hoping you have many more to come

Have a birthday drink on me!   Ummm, virtually of course....

All the best for your 25th year and beyond. You have running as long as I have! I look forward to hopefully broadening my career from one of your adverts!

Yayyy congratulations! You've been there for me over the course of many years!

Many happy returns and keep up the good work.

Happy anniversary CJS! Keep up the great work and thanks for all you do to keep us connected to what matters, Leanne Clements

Happy Birthday! Thanks for all your hard work on an excellent website. A daily joy! :) Take good care xx

I have found the free services offered by CJS very useful over the past ten years and I wish everyone at CJS all the very best for the future as they celebrate 25 Years. Keep up the good work!

Wishing CJS a VERY happy 25th birthday. You don't look a day older! ;-) And thank you for helping me find meaningful employment doing something I love! Katie x

Happy Birthday Team CJS!! Keep up the great work. Claire Davis 😊

Happy Birthday and thank you for being here xx

Happy Birthday! You do great work!

Happy 25th! Thanks for all your hard work!

Happy Birthday you lovely lot! Thanks for all the years of fab e-mails! 😊🎉🎈🌻

Compleanos Jubilados Senores y Senoras!  Spanish so much more appropriate to wish CJS the best!

Happy Birthday CJS! Can't wait to find my next job with you!

Happy birthday! Drink sensibly and eat unsensible! :)

Thank you for your very comprehensive jobs advertising service. Always a good read in have itself.

Happy 25th Birthday to CJS keep up the good work and here's to the next 25!
Best Wishes. Gary Cooper

Happy Birthday, so glad you are still going strong (I found my last 3 jobs through CJS). X 

You have been part of my conservation career work life for the last 20 plus years.  So glad you\'ve evolved and retained the independent spirit.  Here\'s to another 25 years!

Happy Birthday and well done on all the hard work you do bringing us details of jobs and wildlife-related news. I find it really useful to keep up to date with what\'s going on in the world! Mel Dodd

Excellent opportunities to consider - thank you!

Happy birthday CJS, raise a glass to yourselves and all those you have helped find employment :-)

Congratulations to you all on 25 years of fantastic publications.  Long may it continue.

happy birthday and thank you for publishing jobs I can apply for x

Keep up the good work

Happy birthday CJS, thanks for helping us find new teammates, and for all the insights into wildlife news and courses. Cracking job xx

Happy birthday! Thank you for circulating countryside jobs, news, courses & events info - all very useful!





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