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CJS Weekly Special Edition Supplement:

Seasonal & Volunteer work, February 2007


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Countryside Jobs Service Weekly 


Special Edition 19 February '07

Endorsed by both the Scottish Countryside Rangers

Association & the Countryside Management Association

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Seasonal and Volunteer Work Supplement




At The Game Conservancy Trust, we recruit seasonal workers every year.  Not just here in Upper Teesdale, but our other outstations in Leicestershire and the Scottish Highlands do likewise.


Our seasonal workforce are of huge importance and help to us in our very busy field season, indeed, we couldn’t function properly without them.   Because our research is ornithological, our busy field season starts as soon as the birds get frisky in March and continues until August. Of course we conduct fieldwork virtually all year round, weather pending, but we wouldn’t be able to collect the huge amount of data needed to support our projects without the invaluable help from short contract staff.


Most of our seasonal staff only undertake one contract with us, for several reasons.  Some are looking for longer term contracts, others want to try something different another year and a few may get offered permanent jobs with us.   However, at our project in Northumberland, we have had several people return for a second, or even third year.


We do our best to make our seasonal staff feel like ‘one of the family’ and we practice the adage ‘work hard, play hard’  and try to get together socially as well, time permitting.  Hopefully, staff may also learn something new whilst they are with us, such as radio tracking, or habitat identification skills.   Certainly their bird identification skills will improve! 


We have a bit of a joker here, Mike, who always manages to put our new members of staff at ease.  He has been with us for several years and is as fit as a flea.  A couple of years ago, when driving to one of our study sites with a newly started seasonal worker, he was asked why there were dead moles tied to many of the fences in the area.   (It seems to be a tradition here…. I’m not entirely sure why)   Quick as a flash, Mike replied “oh, the local farmers dry them out and smoke them in their pipes”.   Sadly, Anne-Marie believed him!


So, on a final note, seasonal work can be very satisfying, interesting and useful to future careers, but if you come to us; don’t expect any lie-ins in the morning!

Logo: The Game Conservancy Trust

For information on The Game Conservancy Trust visit: www.gct.org.uk


Article by Julia Hopkins, Office Manager, (County Durham).

E:  jhopkins@gct.org.uk


Develop new skills – Gain real work experience – support your community – Meet new people do-it.org.uk is the number one website for finding volunteering opportunities. With hundreds of thousands of opportunities from coaching assistants for the local footie club to supporting & befriending vulnerable families in your community. Why wait? do-it.org.uk – today!


We are looking for volunteers interested in woodland archaeology, history & ecology. Join our England-wide project & help with the development of the Woodland Heritage Manual… To find out more & to sign up as a volunteer please visit www.woodland-heritage.org.uk or contact Lindy at lindy@ukeconet.co.uk 


The British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) offers a wide variety of volunteering opportunities, nationwide, for people keen to practice their skills as ornithologists and habitat recorders.  For more information click on the surveys tab on www.bto.org, or call 01842 750050 and ask for a copy of the Jan/Feb issue of BTO News. 


VSO is an international development charity that works through volunteers. 

We recruit volunteers skilled and experienced in agriculture, horticulture and natural resource management in Africa and Asia.  We provide salary, return flight, accommodation, insurance cover, national insurance contributions, pension contributions, visas and work permits, grants and guaranteed holidays.

enquiry@vso.org.uk tel: 020 8780 7500


BTCV Volunteer Apprentice Programme, covering the whole range of BTCV work, local & international, provides the environmental sector with trained & experienced staff & volunteers.   BTCV connects people with place, builds healthy, sustainable communities, & increases people’s life skills. It aims to create a better environment where people from all cultures feel valued, included & involved.  http://www2.btcv.org.uk/display/getmoreinvolved


What sort of volunteer?

There are lots of different types of "volunteer", here's a brief overview.  To try to explain the difference we asked a range of organisations to complete the same questionnaire about their volunteer programmes.

We asked the Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales about their occasional volunteers (OC), BTCV Scotland about their Midweek Volunteer programme (MW), Sheffield Wildlife Trust about their regular part time volunteers (P/T) and The National Trust (south west region) about their full time volunteers (Vol).

Occasional volunteers are just that occasional, you can do as many or as few days as your schedule permits, Midweek groups are similar. Both regular part time and full time voluntary posts are like having a job and most organisations ask for a minimum commitment of six months.


How often do volunteers meet?

Oc: Work parties meet twice a week in most counties.  Volunteers helping with administration attend on a regular basis.  Watch Group Leaders and helpers usually meet once a month.

MW: Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday throughout the year.


How many “gatherings” do most volunteers attend?

Oc: Some volunteers come regularly, to most work parties; others come occasionally, dependent on their other commitments. 

MW: Some only come once, but of those that are regular, most do 1 or 2 days per week.

P/T: Our volunteers are welcome to attend any meetings at all throughout the trust


What do your volunteers do?

Oc:  It depends upon their area of interest and skills. Visitor Centre Volunteers – Welcome all visitors and generally assist with running the Centres. Administration Volunteers – The usual sort of administration tasks, typing, filing etc. Walk/Event Leader Volunteers - To organise and lead events including Health and Safety evaluation of the location or route where the event will be held, and to recruit new members if possible. Handyperson Volunteers – e.g. Painting and decorating the centres inside and out, electrical work (must be qualified). Speaker Volunteers - To give talks about the Trust or a chosen topic across the county.  Information Technology Volunteers - To input data accurately e.g. wildlife records & to write and/or update programs as required.  Wildlife WATCH Leader and Assistant Volunteers - To help organise and assist with the running of events for young members of the local Wildlife Watch group.  Species Recording Volunteers - To record the flora and fauna of Reserves. Skomer Island Voluntary Warden  - (Residential Full time—One week) Assist with practical conservation work.  Keep records of daily sightings. Assist with building maintenance. Managing day visitors to the island.  Warden and Assistant Wardens of a Nature Reserve  Maintain the reserve in accordance with the Management Plan and under the direction of the Conservation Department. Keep records of new sightings or the disappearance of species. Maintain good relationships with the local community. Conservation Volunteers - Practical work on reserves: coppicing, brush cutting, fencing, hedging, gates, pond clearance, paths, rubbish collecting, hides, bridges, handrails, ditch clearance etc.  Local Group Committee Volunteers - To serve as a Committee member who as well as attending meeting usually help with tasks such as fundraising, local publicity, membership recruitment, helping the Trust respond to planning issues, monitoring roadside verges and organising local events.  There is a Local Group in each district.

MW: Environmental conservation work – ranging from tree planting to footpath construction.

P/T: They get involved with all aspect of the trusts work, practical conservation, ecological surveying, working with local community groups, young people and children, admininstration  etc.

Vol:  Estate maintenance, working alongside the Warden. Education – helping Warden with school group visits. Archaeology – helping with archaeological monitoring. Public liaison – helping man the Peregrine Viewing platform observing nesting birds when we get 25,000 visitors


How important is the work the volunteers do?

Oc:  Core work is carried out by staff but they are supported by volunteers.  Volunteers are extremely important for doing practical conservation work.  The alternative would be to use contractors more of the time and we could not afford to take that option.  Overall, volunteers increase the work the core staff can take on and deliver but do not replace the work of paid staff.

MW: We carry out lots of environmental and biodiversity projects that would otherwise not be done, and also assist local ranger services to carry out maintenance to valued nature reserves which there would otherwise not be staffing for.  Examples of projects include new access through countryside such as bridges, boardwalks and footpaths.  Community tree nursery, new community wetland and new pond area.  Finally lots of work on school wildlife gardens.

P/T: Very – both in terms of what they do for the trust and what they get out of it for themselves – training & development, work experience, job references etc.

Vol:  Very important.  Without volunteers our wardens would find it very difficult to cope.


What do the volunteers get out of it – we’re thinking training / certification etc?

Oc:  Mostly the social networking and contact, which is particularly important for retired people.  Practical work keeps people fit and healthy and gives a sense of purpose.  They also learn about the environment and management of the countryside and pick up new practical skills.  They are trained in-house for the essential skills they need for practical or office work, and we send them on other training courses if we have project money set aside for that purpose.  For younger people, it gives them essential experience for their CVs.

MW: Normal volunteers, unfortunately nothing, although there are moves afoot within BTCV Scotland to introduce a SVQ system which will help matters here.  In terms of skills though, vols are learning a lot – it is just not formally recognised.   VO’s and Project Scotland volunteers get a budget for training which roughly could be valued at £100 per month.

P/T: see above.  We run a programme of National Open College Network accredited training courses that volunteers can access free of charge.

Vol:  Full Time Volunteers are put through several certificated training courses, eg Chainsaw, brushcutter, First Aid at Work, Health & Safety.  They are also given free accommodation .


Do your volunteers go on to full time paid work and if so approximately what percentage?

Oc:  Many of our volunteers are retired people.  The number of volunteering students is reducing over the years as student debts become more of a burden, making it necessary to take paid work.  We do have students that go on to full time paid work, but the numbers going through the system are lower.  Roughly 60% will go on to full time paid work.

MW: Vols are with us for many reasons – some are just filling time while they apply for work, sometimes unrelated.  Re VO’s, approximately 35% leave us to take on a paid environmental post, most of the rest leave to take on paid non-environmental work.

P/T: The majority go on to paid work either within the trust or elsewhere, a lot have gained TLM (Transitional Labour Market) placements with us. If they have not gone on to paid work, our records show that many go into further education or travel abroad to take advantages of overseas volunteering activities.

Vol: In the past ten years, of the approx 25 FT Vols that have worked at one particular site (Plymbridge Woods, Dartmoor) about 90% immediately went on to other positions in conservation and probably 60% are still involved with conservation. (anecdotal figures only)


Although these organisations have answered questions on one specific type of volunteering they all offer a range of volunteering opportunities, as do many other groups and organisations.  If you would like to get involved or want more information please contact:

Oc: Amanda Yeoman, Membership Development Officer, The Wildlife Trust for South & West Wales, Fountain Road, Tondu,  Bridgend, CF32 0EH 01656 724100 a.yeoman@welshwildlife.org

MW: Andy Ross, Community Project Officer, BTCV Scotland - Edinburgh
5 Arboretum Place, Inverleith, Edinburgh EH3 5NY T: 0131 332 8700 a.ross@btcv.org.uk

P/T:  Claire Little – HR Administration Officer Tel direct 0114 2792651 or email c.little@wildsheffield.com

Vol: Gus Fergusson. The National Trust, Home Farm, Parke, Bovey Tracey, Devon, TQ13 9JQ.   Tel:01626 834750 or Email: gus.fergusson@nationaltrust.org.uk



REF        768-DIRECT-5/3                                  JOB        SEASONAL COUNTRYSIDE RANGER             

BE4        4/3/07                                                     LOC        FINLAYSTONE COUNTRY ESTATE, RENFREWSHIRE             

PAY         £220 per week                                     FOR        FINLAYSTONE RANGER SERVICE

DES        The Estate is a private estate receiving approx 65,000 visits per year. Main duties incl visitor management, assisting with events, leading school gps, general day to day maintenance & habitat management. Positions would suit enthusiastic individual at the early stage of their career.           BUT        Good communication & interpersonal skills & driving licence essential, rel quals &/or experience advantage but not necessary as full training provided.               ASK    CV & covering letter to Richard Bolton, Finlaystone Country Estate, Langbank, Renfrewshire PA14 6TJ info@finlaystone.co.uk


REF        VOL-DIRECT-12/3                               JOB        VOLUNTEER RANGER (PROJECT SCOTLAND)        

BE4        7/3/07                                                     LOC        GREY MARE’S TAIL, nr MOFFAT, DUMFRIES & GALLOWAY     

PAY         £55 per week subsistence allow*   FOR        NATIONAL TRUST FOR SCOTLAND             

DES        Assist with all ranger duties on a 1000 ha upland site – guided walks, footpath & habitat maintenance, species monitoring & surveying, patrols, liaison with visitors. From early April – early July the site also runs a ‘peregrine watch’ which involves guarding nest & operating a CCTV for visitors to view on monitors. * + travel expenses & clothing allow & on the job training.               BUT        To qualify for a place the applicant must be resident in Scotland & aged between 18 & 25. Essential: clean driving licence. Desirable: rel qual or considerable rel experience, good hillcraft & navigational skills.              ASK        Dan Watson, Property Manager Ranger 01683 222714 dwatson@nts.org.uk         


REF        769-DIRECT-26/2                               JOB        SEASONAL PROJECT LEADER

BE4        23/2/07  IV 8/3/07                                LOC        SOUTH OF SCOTLAND    

PAY         £210 per week                                     FOR        BTCV SCOTLAND              

DES        Lead residential Action Breaks. 6 mths from 9 April to 19 October 2007.               BUT        Ability to motivate & organise a gp of vols & proven knowledge of practical env skills essential. High degree of self motivation& reliance. Full, clean & current driving licence passed before 1 January 1997 OR driving for 2+ years & have full PCV entitlement & have undertaken training in driving a vehicle with trailer.     ASK        SAE quoting ref SPL to BTCV Scotland, Balallan House, 24 Allan Park, Stirling FK8 2QG www2.btcv.org.uk/display/jobs


REF        VOL-DIRECT-OK8                               JOB        NEW DEAL

BE4        ?                                              LOC        Central Scotland, Ayrshire, Dumfries & Galloway, Fife, Borders & Tayside

PAY         Allowance (All benefits protected)    FOR        SCOTTISH WILDLIFE TRUST         

DES        We offer training & practical work experience to unemployed people on our reserves throughout Scotland. Chainsaw, Clearing Saw, Brushcutting & Strimming, Fencing, Footpath Construction, Tree Planting & other rural skills are taught as Lantra Qualifications.  BUT Registered as unemployed, aged 18 or over & interested in outdoor work. ASK

Send SAE to: Peter Gilbert, Scottish Wildlife Trust, Cramond House, Cramond Glebe Road, Edinburgh 0131 3124732 (Direct Line)  email: pgilbert@swt.org.uk www.swt.org.uk


The Carrifran Wildwood, Borders Forest Trust, seeks two volunteers for July and August 2007. Work will be tree survival monitoring, tree care, wildlife monitoring.  On-site accommodation and allowance paid. Contact Hugh Chalmers. e-mail hugh@bordersforesttrust.org  tel 01835 830750


Join Trees for Life on a work week reforesting the Scottish Highlands. Have fun in the wild planting trees, surveying, seed collection, fencing, non-native removal etc. £45-£95 sliding scale, food and accommodation included. See our website www.treesforlife.org.uk or call 0845 458 3505 for more details


John Muir Trust Activities Programme

Volunteer Leader Opportunities – gain experience of environmental education and adventurous activities leading groups on our residential trips in wild places throughout the UK. The John Muir Trust is a leading wild land conservation organisation.

visit: www.jmt.org/programmes  / contact: programmes@jmt.org / 0845 456 1783


The National Park Volunteer Programme offers a variety of Volunteer Roles such as Conservation, Events, User and Wildlife Surveys or Photography. Come and join the team of Volunteers!  To find out more contact Zoe Morris, Volunteer Development Officer, Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park, 01389 722600 or email zoe.morris@lochlomond-trossachs.org


BRISC offers free practical workshops and fieldwork experience throughout the year to further support Biological Recording in Falkirk, Stirling and North Lanarkshire.  The free workshops provide support and expert advice to novice and experienced recorders to maintain their interest in taking biological records.  Contact John  for further information (01786474061).


John Muir Trust Activities Programme

Environmental / Conservation Residentials – a diverse range of activity trips for young people and adults to engage in environmental education, conservation and adventure in wild places. The John Muir Trust is a leading wild land conservation organisation.

visit: www.jmt.org/programmes  / contact: programmes@jmt.org / 0845 456 1783


BTCV Scotland is committed to the training and development of individuals working and volunteering on community and environmental projects. By supporting the development of community groups, volunteers and practitioners working in the community environmental sector we hope to increase capacity to enable community projects to be planned and delivered in a safe and sustainable way.                                            To view courses and book online go to www.btcv.org/shop or contact Helen on 01786 479697 or email Scotland-Training@btcv.org.uk.


Logo: The National Trust for Scotland

We asked the National Trust for Scotland about their seasonal work,

they advertise 15+ seasonal posts with CJS every January.


When is most seasonal work carried out (which season or month)?  April-September

Can you give us some examples of what seasonal work entails and if it differs through the year what are the different tasks?  A mixture of:  Education and Interpretation: schools groups predominate in May, June and September, guided walks and the like from May through to August.  Practical maintenance work, eg path repair, litter picking, signs maintenance, invasive control; volunteer group supervision is part of this.  Biological survey and monitoring, throughout the summer but dependent on which groups or species are being monitored

What sort of people apply for seasonal work, do people move house for the work and do many go on to become full time employees? These days mostly recent graduates who are prepared to travel for work – we generally offer accommodation. Most hope to go onto full time work and see seasonal contracts as a stepping stone up the career ladder – many have started as long term volunteers

What do the applicants get out of the short term placement – we’re thinking training / certification etc?  We give them a two day induction and on the job support/training. We also offer one or two in-house courses, usually around wildlife ID and survey, during the season. We offer no certification but, more importantly, they can expect a good reference at the end of the season. We like to think that most potential employers recognise that a season or two with the National Trust for Scotland is a good grounding for a career in countryside management/rangering

From:  Paul Johnson, Head of Countryside Management at National Trust for Scotland

For enquiries: Rachel Furlong, NTS, 28 Charlotte Square, Edinburgh EH2 4ET www.nts.org.uk


Northern Ireland:

REF        VOL-DIRECT-12/3                               JOB        VOLUNTEER WARDENS

BE4        start April                                               LOC        RATHLIN ISLAND, COUNTY ANTRIM

PAY         0                                                              FOR        RSPB    

DES        Urgently required from April to August inclusive. At West Lighthouse viewpoint we welcome 10,000 visitors during the summer, work with a small team to show the puffins & cliffs packed with guillemots, enthusing an interest in birds, wildlife & the work of RSPB, incl recruiting & retail work. Accom provided in cottage hostel 1 mile from Viewpoint.

BUT        Good people skills & approachable personality & ability to work as part of a team essential. Specialist knowledge not necessary, but enthusiasm for wildlife & an interest in conservation is. May take part in island community activities & local events. 18+ 2 week minimum stay.     ASK        www.rspb.org.uk/volunteering/residential volunteers@rspb.org.uk giving name & address             



REF        770/1-DIRECT-2/4                              JOB        2 ENTHUSIASTIC SANDWICH COURSE STUDENTS

BE4        end March 2007                                   LOC        CONWY

PAY         £100 per week                                     FOR        CONWY COUNTY BOROUGH COUNCIL     

DES        Conwy Cside Services manage 23 sites ranging from woodlands to sand dunes, quiet secluded sites to well visited ones. What you will gain: working understanding of Conwy’s LBAP; great deal of cside management experience; knowledge of different habitats; opportunity to practice & learn many practical tasks; chance to take your First Aid Cert, PA1 or PA2 pesticide course or other quals; experience leading guided walks fir adult * school gps; chance to make contacts within local cside orgs. Placements are up to 10 mths (November to August) aimed at someone on a sandwich year out. Work with a friendly team          BUT        Commitment, enthusiasm & a full driving licence. Accom is not included but help is given to find suitable accom in the locality.     ASK        CV to Countryside Section, Planning Dept, Conwy County Borough Council, Civic Offices, Colwyn Bay, Conwy LL29 8AR 01492 575205 or 575310 helen.jowett@conwy.gov.uk www.conwy.gov.uk/countryside


REF        VOL-DIRECT-26/3                               JOB        MARINE WILDLIFE VOLUNTEERS 

BE4        starting April                                         LOC        NEW QUAY, WEST WALES              

PAY         0                                                              FOR        CARDIGAN BAY MARINE WILDLIFE GROUP               

DES        2 wks to 6 mths. From April to October every year. Assist with CBMWC’s ongoing research & education programmes concerning marine wildlife of Cardigan Bay. Main focus of current research is the photo-identification of bottlenose dolphins. Learn about the marine wildlife in Cardigan Bay, educate & interact with the public & gain valuable skills used in env & conservation fields. The Centre works with various orgs around the Welsh coast.            BUT        No experience necessary but interest in marine wildlife, enthusiasm, willingness to work hard & team player advantage.

ASK        www.cbmwc.org Apply volunteer@cbmwc.org incl CV & cover letter detailing experience & availability.


REF        VOL-DIRECT-28/5                               JOB        VOLUNTEER OFFICER    

BE4        JUNE 2007                                           LOC        WREXHAM           

PAY         0+ travel costs                                      FOR        BTCV CYMRU                                     

DES        Lead practical projects in NE Wales. Lead a team of up to 12 vols.         BUT        Driving licence required & leadership experience. Interest in conservation environmental issues, reliable & sociable, IT skills required.        ASK Lisa Williams, 01978 290866 l.williams@btcv.org.uk      


REF        VOL-DIRECT-19/3                               JOB        SEASONAL ASSISTANT SITE MANAGERS   

BE4        15/3/07  IV w/c 26/3/07                       LOC        TEIFI MARSHES NATURE RESERVE, CARDIGAN     

PAY         0                                                              FOR        THE WILDLIFE TRUST FOR SOUTH & WEST WALES              

DES        Required May to October, 4 dpw with weekend rota. Be part of a team managing busy reserve & Welsh Wildlife Centre. Suit recent graduates seeking experience. Assist with practical work, visitor & school gps, surveys & more. 

BUT        Rel experience & qual desirable, but full training given.             ASK        CV & covering letter to Phil Ward, Welsh Wildlife Centre, Cilgerran, Cardigan SA43 2TB p.ward@welshwildlife.org 07989 346562


REF        VOL-DIRECT-5/3                                 JOB        TRAINEE WARDENS         

BE4        4/3/07     IV overnight tbc                     LOC        FLAT HOLM ISLAND          

PAY         0+ accom/food/travel/training & equipment budget      FOR        CARDIFF COUNTY COUNCIL         

DES        Great opportunity to live & work on an Island Nature Reserve (SSSI & LNR) in the Bristol Channel. The post is a demanding yet rewarding position. Gain experience in practical habitat work; livestock husbandry; leading guided tours for visitors; leading vol work parties; wildlife monitoring; env education; building maintenance & more. Rota: vols work 10 days on island followe by 4 days leave (all weather dependent)           BUT       Need enthusiasm, flexibility, 6+ mths commitment with strong social skills.        ASK        Send CV & covering letter to Flat Holm Project, Pierhead, Barry Docks, Barry CF62 5QS flatholmproject@cardiff.gov.uk www.cardiff.gov.uk/flatholm



From Volunteer to Employed Warden


I studied Mathematical Engineering at The University of Leeds leaving in 2001 with a Masters Degree.  I returned home to Birmingham in 2001 & started a job for a consultant Engineering firm, working as a mechanical engineer designing heating, ventilation & water services for the construction industry.

I left that firm in 2003 & started working for Atkins in Birmingham, who are the largest engineering consultancy in Europe; there I was designed & managing energy, gas, water & heating projects for a variety of clients including the Houses of Parliament.

In 2005, my wife was applied for & was offered a job as a HR manager in Inverness, & we both decided to take the plunge & move to the Highlands.

Both my wife & I had volunteered for the RSPB over the past few years on Ramsay Island in Wales, & having enjoyed it so much I decided that my move to the Highlands would coincide with a career change, & started to look for a route into conservation.  I started by volunteering at RSPB’s Forsinard reserve, then followed that up by volunteering at RSPB’s Abernethy Reserve in late 2005.  Luckily a short while after I completed my placement, a job opportunity as assistant warden at Abernethy arose, which I applied for & thankfully got.

The change from my previous career couldn’t be more stark!  Whereas in my previous job I was spending most days in the office at a desk designing engineering systems, or in London attending site & client meetings, most of my time now is spent outdoors.  A typical day here in some ways doesn’t exist as I can be doing a number of different things from day to day.  Currently I am involved in a major deadwood project, which involves felling some 800 trees.  We burn heather, weather permitting, during the winter months for Capercaillie & forest regeneration.  I help out with deer control most of the year & there is always vehicle or building maintenance to keep us going!  The spring months herald a busy time of year as we start to survey some of the important birds on the reserve such as Black Grouse & Capercaillie.  During the summer I also help out at the Osprey Centre, which deals with huge numbers of the public visiting our facilities to view these magnificent birds.  I have also been conducting guided walks around the forest.  The RSPB have been an excellent employer, training me to ride Quad Bikes, Argo’s & to drive a tractor.

I suppose a number of things prompted the change from being an engineer to the countryside / conservation sector.  The drag of the 9-5 & working in a very confrontational industry drove me to want to change the way I worked, & to be outside more.  In addition, the realisation of what is happening to the planet, & wanting to do something to try to help.  Maybe the biggest reason was the thrill & enjoyment I got from volunteering for the RSPB & seeing how wild places & the wildlife in them can affect people & their lives.  I am a keen birdwatcher & being able to pass on the thrill of seeing wild birds, particularly in a place as special as the Scottish Highlands is reward enough.

What made you want to volunteer?  To be honest I was a little reluctant to start with!  My wife convinced me to do it & we went to Ramsay Island.  I didn’t really know what to expect, but spending a week there completely changed my outlook on a lot of things, & made me see that the RSPB was a organisation that I felt attached to.  After that I was hooked, & my wife & I returned to Ramsay the next year.

At what point did you decide to leave your previous career & commit full time to your new life?  The point of no return was when my wife & I sat down to discuss moving to the Highlands & decided to give it a go.  We decided that I would give it two years of commitment, & to see where I was after that.  I suppose I was lucky in having my wife to support me through the volunteering, & having my engineering as a fall-back if it all went wrong.

The best bits of being a volunteer, particularly on Ramsay, were waking up to the sound of Chough outside the volunteer’s accommodation, meeting the public & seeing how enthusiastic they were about the places they were visiting & just feeling like I was helping a cause that I felt passionate about.  It was especially gratifying to be able to see the effects of the work being done by just watching a flock of chough swooping across the open fields.  I think this connection with a special & rare bird was the most satisfying.

I honestly enjoyed every bit, there weren't any lows except maybe dropping my transistor radio down the toilet when the fourth ashes test was reaching a climax in 2005!

All my volunteering was via the RSPB’s residential voluntary scheme.  To begin with, I was fitting it in with work, so it was a week or two a year, but when I moved up to Scotland it became more long term, with 2-3 week block placements.  I was booked in to volunteer for the entire summer of 2006 on Ramsay Island, but I was lucky enough to get the job at Abernethy after volunteering for only 2-3 months. It was more a case of right place right time for me & I think my volunteering was essential for me to get the job.  Volunteering was the only way of getting my face known & letting people know what I had to offer.  I may not have been volunteering for long, but without it, I wouldn’t of known about the job, nor would I have been able to prove to the members of staff here that I could rise to the challenge.

I readily accept that I was just in the right place to get paid work so quickly after starting volunteering, but it is also true to say that without the volunteering I definitely wouldn’t have got the job.  I think you can make your own luck by getting out there & getting involved.

Did any funny or memorable incidents happen to you when you were volunteering?  A carrier pigeon landing exhausted outside the bungalow on Ramsay then proceeding to fly desperately at the window when it realised that there was a Peregrine Falcon’s nest about 400 meters away.  The bird then tried to stay in the accommodation before regaining strength & leaving safely.  Having a helicopter ride across the Cairngorms to help count deer – pretty spectacular!

If I could pass on just one piece of advice to someone thinking about volunteering it would be - Simply to do it.  It could change you life, & you’ll never regret it.


Ian Perks, Assistant Warden at RSPB Abernethy Forest Reserve.

RSPB Logo: for birds, for people, for ever


REF        VOL-DIRECT-OK-5                             JOB        VOLUNTEERS

BE4        N/A                                                          LOC        VARIOUS UK

PAY         0  Free accommodation                    FOR        RSPB                                    

DES / BUT             The RSPB was founded by vols & they are still a very important part of the Society. Vols give their skills & time: in offices, visitor centres, fundraising, working on reserves, carrying out bird surveys, showing people birds & recruiting members. You can vol: at weekends or during the week; to boost skills for a career change; as work experience towards a career in conservation; as a means of keeping fit & active; as part of a corporate team building day. Fancy a conservation holiday? We have 38 reserves, from Devon to the Shetlands, looking for residential vols. 1 week to 4 weeks (longer term by arrangement) with free accom. Living on the reserve, you will really feel part of the team.                ASK        01767 680551  volunteers@rspb.org.uk


REF        VOL-DIRECT-12/3                               JOB        TRAINEE RSPB WARDENS             

BE4        ?                                              LOC        Aylesbeare Common, Exe Estuary, Old Hall Marshes & Coombes Valley

PAY         0                                                              FOR        RSPB                                                                     DES        Long term placements. These opportunities offer practical experience & training & are ideal for anyone planning a career in conservation, during or following an academic qual.    Training provided as appropriate & may incl First Aid, ATV, 4x4 driving, brushcutter & chainsaw. Practical experience would be gained in variety of aspects of reserve management. Self catering accom provided free of charge at each reserve. BUT                Ideally require good knowledge of birds or a keenness to learn & enthusiasm for wildlife conservation. Abel to commit for 6+ mths. Min age is 18. Full driving licence essential.      ASK        CV & covering letter to Kate Tycer, RSPB, The Lodge, Sandy, Bedfordshire SG19 1EP


England: East Anglia

REF        VOL-DIRECT-12/3                               JOB        TRAINEE WARDEN           

BE4        ?                                                              LOC        TITCHWELL MARSH RESERVE

PAY         0                                                              FOR        RSPB    

DES        Join a small team managing a range of important habitats & provided with necessary training, e.g. first aid, brushcutter operation & bird surveying techniques. 6 mth placements. Gain important skills & experience in nature reserve management. Many previous trainee wardens have gone on to employment with RSPB or other conservation organisations. Free accom provided half mile from reserve   BUT                Volunteers who are physically fit, enjoy working outdoors & have: good knowledge of bird identification. Bird surveying experience advantage; enthusiasm & sense of humour; range of practical skills; keen desire for a career within conservation.  ASK        Paul Eele, Titchwell Marsh Nature Reserve, Main Road, Titchwell, Norfolk PE31 8BB 01485 210432 paul.eele~rspb.org.uk      


Logo: Norfolk Wildlife Services

Norfolk Wildlife Services is an environmental consultancy and subsidiary of Norfolk Wildlife Trust. Every year as the survey season gets underway, NWS takes on a Summer Ecological Assistant, for a six month post.


From April to October, the Ecological Assistant will be working on a broad variety of projects, including ecological field work and assessment, and surveying the many Norfolk habitats such as fens, heaths, marshes and woodlands. These surveys, which use Phase 1 and NVC survey methods, can involve searches for protected species such as great crested newts, water voles, and schedule 1 birds, bats and badgers.

The ecological assistant is also expected to offer IT and GIS skills, creating databases, spreadsheets and maps in order to support consultants working on larger, more complex projects.

As a subsidiary of Norfolk Wildlife Trust, all profits made by NWS are gift aided back to the Trust. In 2005 the consultancy gift aided £36,000 to the Trust, contributing a significant amount to the charity’s funds each year. The ecological assistant is therefore making a significant contribution to the Trust’s work all over the county. The profits help to fund vital management work on the Trust’s nature reserves; contribute to the education of thousands of school children about Norfolk’s wildlife and wild places; and support the provision of free nature conservation advice to county wildlife site owners.

Seasonal posts, such as NWS’s Summer Ecological Assistant, offer a brilliant opportunity to gain vital experience in a wide range of fields, from survey techniques and report writing to providing guidance to land owners and developers. Such positions can often be the gateway from volunteer work to that goal of permanent employment.

Please contact: Norfolk Wildlife Service, Bewick House, 22 Thorpe Road, Norwich  NR1 1RY T: 01603 625540  www.norfolkwildlifetrust.org.uk/nws


England: Midlands

REF        VOL-DIRECT-12/3                               JOB        VOLUNTEER OFFICER    

BE4        ?                                                              LOC        LEICESTER         

PAY         0                                                              FOR        BTCV LEICESTERSHIRE & RUTLAND         

DES        Involved in wide variety of practical conservation tasks & will work with other staff to organise, promote & run 2 midweek vol days. Responsibilities incl: practical conservation skills & leadership, as well as learning through experience.    BUT        Must be over 21 & pref able to commit to 3+ dpw over 6 – 12 mths. Full driving licence (for 2+ years), good team member, genuine interest in the env & conservation work, good communication skills.           ASK

Alex Hewins 0116 2553515 A.Hewins@btcv.org.uk


REF        534-DIRECT-19/2                               JOB        SEASONAL ASSISTANT RANGER

BE4        ?                                              LOC        Bradgate Park & Swithland Wood Country Park Estate, Leicestershire

PAY         YES                                                        FOR        BRADGATE PARK TRUST                

DES        Temp seasonal contract from early Spring to late Autumn 07. Incl bank holidays & some evening / weekend (on rota) working. Much of the estate is SSSI & incl attractive unspoilt cside, herds of deer, ancient woodland. Working within a team of experienced staff, assist in the running & maintenance of Leicestershire’s premier country park (510ha & some 900,000 visitors a year) incl providing a welcoming visitor service, patrolling, security, managing visitors, interpretation, assisting with pay & display car parks, shops, cafes, visitor centre & other duties; wide range of site maintenance work.    BUT             Experience in some aspects of the work. Experience with mowers & strimmers & interest in natural history & history an advantage. Full driving licence & access to a car essential.       ASK        SAE to: M H Harrison FRICS IRRV, Land Agent & Surveyor, Bradgate Park Trust, Estate Office, Deer Barn Buildings, Bradgate Park, Newtown Linford, Leicester  LE6 0HE


REF        VOL-DIRECT-12/3                               JOB        VOLUNTEER       

BE4        ?                                                              LOC        STAFFORDSHIRE MOORLANDS   

PAY         0                                                              FOR        STAFFORDSHIRE MOORLANDS DISTRICT COUNCIL             

DES        For 3 to 6 mths up to 3 dpw. Assist with range of cside work. Site & rights of way estate management, habitat management, interpretative design, surveying or other projects.        BUT        Ideally recent graduate in cside management looking for post qual experience or student on a cside management course.            ASK        Mark Preece, Parks & Countryside Service, Staffordshire Moorlands District Council, Stockwell Street, Leek ST13 6HQ 01538 483580 mark.preece@staffsmoorlands.gov.uk

Living Wood assistantships. Each year there is a limited number of places for longer term training (3 weeks to 6 months) for those with some experience who might be interested in following a career in green woodwork. For more details see www.living-wood.co.uk or phone 01531 640005.


Each summer we build and run Europe's only environmentally-sound outdoor conference centre in Worcestershire. In return for your enthusiasm, goodwill and hard work, live in beautiful countryside among friendly people, eating excellent vegetarian food, and making an important contribution to the environmental and social change sector. More at www.greenandaway.org


Logo: National Trust


Back in 1967, a small group of volunteers went on the first National Trust working holiday in Warwickshire. This year, as the Trust prepares to celebrate the 40th anniversary of working holidays, over 100,000 volunteers have taken part across the country, assisting wardens, gardeners and property managers with vital conservation work that simply could not get done without their help.  

The National Trust is one of Europe's leading conservation bodies and is responsible for the protection and promotion of over 700 miles of British coastline and more than 600,000 acres of land of outstanding natural beauty. The buildings in its care date from the Middle Ages to modern times and include monuments, gardens and landscaped parks. As a charity, the Trust greatly values its volunteers who share its passion for preserving the nation’s heritage. 

People choose a working holiday for different reasons, whether to meet new friends, learn new skills – or just to get outdoors and enjoy fresh air and exercise, but increasingly they want a holiday that enables them to give something back. They have helped with everything from dry-stone walling in the Lake District and planting borders in Buckinghamshire, to mapping flower-rich hay meadows in Yorkshire and harvesting apples in Devon. The growing concern for wildlife - and the effects of climate change on the environment - also attract many volunteers who want to help preserve and protect the many important habitats for insects, birds and animals.

The first working holiday volunteers spent a week restoring the tow path on the canal at Stratford-upon-Avon. In the forty years since then, a huge portfolio of projects has been completed thanks to the help of volunteers: the construction of five miles of footpaths at Cragside in Northumberland, the discovery of the existence of several nationally-scarce species of wildlife at Orford Ness, the complete re-cobbling of Gunby Hall's courtyard, the unearthing of Roman remains in Carmarthenshire...these are just a few of their achievements.  

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Working Holiday programme, the National Trust will be organising a series of events around the country during 2007. These will include an anniversary launch party in Warwickshire, site of the first working holiday; a giant 'Megabash' weekend to help preserve natural habitats for wildlife; and an exhibition celebrating the highlights of the last four decades of working holidays, that will tour various National Trust properties during the year

There is something for everyone on a working holiday, and people of all ages and abilities get involved. Some volunteers have been so inspired by their rhododendron-bashing or hedge-laying that they have left their jobs and changed careers. Or they have met their future partners, made lasting friendships, discovered new hobbies.  Whatever their reasons for taking a working holiday, they are all helping to look after special places – for ever, for everyone. 

For a brochure and more information on Working Holidays please call   0870 4 29 24 29 or see the website www.nationaltrust.org.uk/volunteering


England: North East

REF        VOL-DIRECT-16/4                               JOB        CONSERVATION HOLIDAYS VOLUNTEER OFFICER               

BE4        13/4/07                                                  LOC        WELL, nr BEDALE, N YORKSHIRE

PAY         0 but training provided                        FOR        BTCV     

DES        Help to run the conservation holidays programme that covers North Yorkshire area. Also opportunities to help with community projects, day tasks & publicity work. Combine office based admin with site visits & meeting clients. Work on & lead some practical projects.                BUT        Interest in conservation & willingness to learn essential. Suites anyone trying to gain experience following completing a rel degree or someone looking for a career change. Computerate essential. 21+ with clean driving licence held for 2+ years’. Friendly manner with good sense of humour.                 ASK    Anne Lawrence 01677 470821 a.lawrence@btcv.org.uk


REF        772/4-DIRECT-12/3                            JOB        STUDENT PLACEMENTS  

BE4        ?                                                              LOC        ILKLEY  

PAY         YES                                                        FOR        NELL BANK EDUCATION CENTRE               

DES        Looking for students to join the small team. The Centre delivers National Curriculum subjects to primary schools & teambuilding courses across the full school & community age range.            BUT        Demonstrate an interest in working with visiting gps to deliver outdoor education activities on a residential  & day visit basis.     ASK  ruth.welchr@bradford.gov.uk 01943 602032 Nell Bank Education Centre, Denton Road, Ilkley, West Yorkshire LS29 0DE            


BTCV Education Voluntary Officer

Join our education team in York, North Yorkshire, gain experience in environmental education and community work. Develop skills for managing projects, fundraising and community support. Receive training in leadership, health and safety, first aid and more. Please call to find out more. Rachel Earnshaw 01904 644300, r.earnshaw@btcv.org.uk


Volunteers Wanted: Urban and rural practical conservation tasks across West Yorkshire; gardening and basic skills training for adults with learning difficulties; wildlife gardening and conservation with Friends of Hollybush; healthy walking projects. BTCV, Hollybush Conservation Centre, Broads Lane, Leeds, LS5 3BP 0113 2742335 leeds@btcv.org.uk www.hollybush.org.uk


Passionate about wildlife and wetlands? Want to help create and maintain habitats such as ponds, lakes, reedbeds, wildflower meadows and woodlands? Or breed and care for rare and endangered wildfowl? Washington Wetland Centre is always looking for dedicated volunteers. Contact 0191 416 5454 to arrange an interview


Volunteer on a working farm, Sheffield. Various positions including animal care, office work & gardening. We are a 130 acre educational charity in a beautiful setting. Contact Anna Cowling, Whirlow Hall Farm Trust, Sheffield, S11 9QF 0114 2360096 email: annac@whirlowhallfarm.co.uk


Conservation Holidays Volunteer Officer posts available throughout the year.  Residential posts with subsidised rent at a rural office of BTCV.  Helping to organise all the N.Yorks conservation holidays. Training provided.  Must be over 21 with clean driving licence.  Willingness to learn and interest in conservation essential. Email: a.lawrence@btcv.org.uk.


England: North West

REF        VOL-DIRECT-26/2                               JOB        4 RESIDENTIAL VOLUNTARY WARDEN TRAINEES  

BE4        27/2/07  IV 5/3/07                                LOC        NORTHERN ENGLAND    

PAY         0+ acccom, expenses where appropriate      FOR        RSPB    

DES        The Residential Wardening Scheme has four 12 month vol placements at reserves starting in April 2007 which will give you the experience & training you need to get your career in reserve management off the ground. Work alongside RSPB staff & gain formal quals in use of chainsaws, driving 4x4’s, surveying & monitoring, through to event management on reserves. Spend 6 mths each on two different reserves with different habitats. Travel expenses available for interview at RSPB Old Moor.              BUT        Need knowledge of natural history  & ornithology in particular or willingness to learn. Need to be motivated self starters, physically fit, team workers & good communicators.  ASK        For a copy of the role description Kirsten.whittaker@rspb.org.uk  01484 868415               


REF        775-DIRECT-5/3                                  JOB        ECOLOGICAL FIELD ASSISTANT    

BE4        28/2/07                                                  LOC        MACCLESFIELD 

PAY         to be arranged                                     FOR        NLG CONSULTANT ECOLOGIST   

DES        Assist with great crested newt licence work, incl trapping, translocation & survey for great crested newts. Full training provided.                 Commence April 2007 on temp basis.           BUT        Would suit graduate in ecology or similar &/or person with ecological / conservation knowledge & experience. Must be happy to work outside in wet weather. Flexible approach to work & need to be able to work evenings & early mornings. Own transport required (remuneration for mileage when working)       ASK        CV & email to neillg@dsl.pipex.com


England: South and London

Volunteer Seasonal Warden (part time)


At the Millennium Country Park and Forest Centre, Marston Moretaine.


The Millennium Country Park has wild areas of woodland, wetland and grassland with multi-user paths, sensory garden and formal areas.  Six month post starting in April for 3 days a week.  Duties would include Patrolling the park, footpath maintenance, grass cutting, habitat management working with volunteers and could include running guided walks, working with school groups and wildlife surveys.

Logo: the Forest of Marston Vale

This post will also involve a mixture of duties that can be tailored to individual interest alongside the day to day park management.   All training, tools and equipment provided.  A training course in First Aid and two other courses related to individual interest in conservation or site management would also be provided (this could include Dragonfly or Otter Survey).  Enthusiasm for outdoor working is key!   Flexibility along with the ability to work in a small team and alone is essential.

For any questions or for a more detailed job description call Alexis Pym on 01234 767037.   CV and covering letter should outline any previous experience and specific interests. 

Email or post to;   Alexis.Pym@marstonvale.org or Forest of Marston Vale, Forest Centre, Station Road, Marston Moretaine, Bedfordshire, MK43 0PR.                  Closing dates for applications Wednesday 7th March 2007


REF        VOL-DIRECT-26/2                               JOB        ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION VOLUNTEERS

BE4        ?                              LOC        HQ, Henfield, Seven Sisters Country Park, Seaford & outreach – all over Sussex

PAY         0 Travel expenses                               FOR        SUSSEX WILDLIFE TRUST                                             

DES        Regular commitment appreciated, as little as 1 day a fortnight or as often as 4 dpw between March & Aug. (However, any vol help is always welcomed). Training given (end of Feb). Support trained staff with gps of school children who visit Woods Mill, Seven Sisters Country Park & outreach service which works in schools & their grounds around the county. You will be trained to assist, and if you wish, eventually lead a school gp with their env activities.  BUT  Enjoy working with children, able to communicate with all ages, but mainly primary age gp, enthusiasm & sense of humour; enjoy working in a team; some knowledge of, or interest in wildlife (You do not have to be an expert1), enjoy working out of doors with some degree of physical fitness; reliable & dependable. CRB Disclosure.    ASK   Anna-Marie Kyriacou, People & Wildlife Officer, Sussex Wildlife Trust, Woods Mill, Henfield  BN5 9SD anna-mariekyriacou@sussexwt.org.uk 01273 497562.


REF        VOL-DIRECT-12/3                               JOB        MIDWEEK VOLUNTEERS
BE4        ?                                                              LOC        GLOUCESTERSHIRE
PAY         0                                                              FOR        BTCV GLOUCESTERSHIRE
DES        Various practical conservation tasks around the county from dry stone walling to hedge laying & coppicing. Volunteer on Tuesdays & Wednesdays, learn new skills, make new friends & get fit. All you need to bring is yourself, suitable clothing & a packed lunch. NVQ's in environmental conservation (level 2 & 3) available; learn more about your env & how to look after it. Sign up & get free training & out of pocket expenses.   ASK    01452 864805 glos@btcv.org.uk


REF        VOL-DIRECT-28/5                               JOB        DRAGONFLY RESEARCH VOLUNTEERS   

BE4        June 2007                                             LOC        RIVER RAY AREA, OXON-BUCKS  

PAY         0                                              FOR        WILDLIFE CONSERVATION RESEARCH UNIT, University of Oxford      

DES        Part time vols required to assist with research on the ecology & conservation of Dragonflies (Odonata) on farmland ponds. Research tasks involve: capturing, marking & identifying damselflies, surveying for dragonflies on the wing (depending on experience); collection of exuviae, water samples & pond parameters, assisting with identification of macrophytes.         BUT        Able to work 9 – 5 for 2+ dpw for 2+ months during June to August 2007, but alternate arrangements may be considered. Enthusiastic, physically fit & prepared to undertake occasional long hrs of fieldwork. No previous experience is necessary but an interest in freshwater ecology & Odonates desirable. Must have own transport, but can arrange for pick up from Bicester/Aylesbury areas.      ASK        eva.raebel@zoo.ox.ac.uk http://www.wildcru.org/      


REF        VOL-DIRECT-OK5                               FOR        ESSEX WILDLIFE TRUST

BE4        ONGOING                                             LOC        Langdon Nature Reserve near Basildon, Bedfords Park near Romford or Chafford Gorges in Thurrock. Essex WT has 87 nature reserves, 1 nature park, 7 visitor centres, over 30,000 supporters, over 700 staff & 1500 vols. 

JOB:                                       DES/BUT:

Centre Volunteers               You could make a real difference by helping to run one of the popular visitor centres. Sociable role where you’ll get involved with all aspects of making the centre a welcoming env for visitors. Incl serving customers in the shop, enrolling new members, welcoming visitors & generally helping out. Various opportunities at weekends and weekdays. Don’t need any experience, all training you need is given. Normally ask for 2 days per mth, but also happy to hear from people with less regular availability.

Education Volunteers         Help the wildlife teams with their events. Fun & inspiring role which directlu impacts on people of all ages. Need people orientated vols with lots of enthusiasm, will be given all training you need, so no specialist knowledge is required. Opportunities to assist with family nature days, wildlife discovery days & school gps, as well as other events based around the centres, reserves                & in the community. Also lots of things to do to assist in planning for the events & you may work up to leading gps. Events take place throughout  the year, during week & at weekends. Would ask vols to help out as often as possible, but not usually min commitment. Reimburse travel expenses.

BOTH PAY: 0        ASK        Rachel Marrow, Volunteer & Staff Officer 01621 862977 volunteering@essexwt.org.uk


REF        VOL-DIRECT-12/3                               JOB        SUMMER WARDEN           

BE4        9/3/07     IV 21/3/07                              LOC        WARBURG NATURE RESERVE, nr HENLEY ON THAMES      

PAY         £30 per week expenses & basic on site accom*         FOR        BERKS, BUCKS & OXON WILDLIFE TRUST

DES        Enthusiastic volunteer to help with wardening, practical conservation, species monitoring & helping visitors enjoy the site. Woodland / chalk grassland reserve with visitor centre. Ideally looking for someone to start from early April for 6 mths. Great chance to gain valuable practical conservation experience. * May be eligible for millennium volunteer award. Some in-house training available in survey techniques & env education.                BUT        Full drivers licence, enthusiasm for conservation & wildlife, ability to work some weekends & bank holidays.              ASK        Chat: Jenni Hignett 01491 642001 Apply: Letter & Cv to Jenni Hignett, Warburg Nature Reserve, Bix Bottom, Henley on Thames RG9 6BL  traineewarburg@bbowt.org.uk


REF        VOL-DIRECT-OK5                               JOB        VOLUNTEERING OPPORTUNITIES              

BE4        ONGOING                                             LOC        ESSEX  

PAY         0 but travel expenses paid                                FOR        ESSEX WILDLIFE TRUST

DES/BUT               Essex WT has 87 nature reserves, 1 nature park, 7 visitor centres, over 30,000 supporters, over 700 staff & 1500 vols. Vols are at the centre of the Trust’s work & there are many opportunities across Essex for all manner of volunteering. Whatever you want to get out of volunteering we will do our best to make it happen. You could help with finance, assist with the organisation of local events, join a work party, help with a school group, carry out research, become a reserve warden or be based at one of the visitor centres.  You might even like to get a gp together & join the Trust for a day on a reserve. Opportunities at weekends and weekdays, & would like to hear from you regardless of the amount of time you have. Trust provides nearly all training you need. Also provide travelling expenses.        ASK  www.essexwt.org.uk Rachel Marrow 01621 862977 for a chat


REF        VOL-DIRECT-12/3                               JOB        VOLUNTEER WARDENS 

BE4        ?                                                              LOC        BUCKINGHAMSHIRE, HERTFORDSHIRE & LONDON             

PAY         0 + travel expenses. Some posts incl accom                                FOR        THE NATIONAL TRUST

DES        Full time, 21+hpw for 3+ months required at Stowe Landscape Gardens, Hughenden Estate, Ashridge Estate & Morden Hall Park, London. Practical experience of working in open parkland, estate management etc. Full training provided.       BUT        Good level of fitness required to complete many of the tasks.           ASK        Full details on: www.nationaltrust.org.uk/volunteering


REF        VOL-DIRECT-26/3                               JOB        SUMMER WARDEN           

BE4        26/3/07  IV 12 & 13/4/07                     LOC        COLLEGE LAKE WILDLIFE CENTRE, nr TRING         

PAY         £30 per week expenses*                   FOR        BERKS, BUCKS & OXON WILDLIFE TRUST

DES        Help with wardening, practical conservation, species monitoring & helping visitors enjoy this busy nature reserve for 6 mths from mid – late April. Site is a former chalk quarry with a wide variety of habitats incl marsh, rough & chalk grassland plus an active arable weed research project & busy visitor centre. * possibility of very basic accom on site, may be eligible for Millennium Volunteer award, range of training in survey techniques & env education. 

BUT        Enthusiastic, full drivers licence & own car due to location of the job, enthusiasm for conservation & wildlife.

ASK        Chat: Jane Craven 07783 051079 or the Warden on 07711 821303. Apply: CV & covering letter to Jane Craven, College Lake Wildlife Centre, Upper Icknield Way, Bulbourne, Tring, Herts HP23 5QG traineebucks@bbowt.org.uk 


REF        VOL-DIRECT-26/3                               JOB        VOLUNTEER RESEARCHER          

BE4        APRIL                                                     LOC        OXFORD              

PAY         0                                                              FOR        WILDCRU, OXFORD UNIVERSITY 

DES        Exciting project monitoring water voles, being reintroduced during 2007 to sites in Oxfordshire as part of a major project to restore species to the Upper Thames region. Help monitor these populations by setting/checking live-capture traps, surveying for field sign, recording habitat characteristics & assisting with health screening. Full training provided. 

BUT        Ideally enthusiastic, robust, energetic & committed, able to carry out fieldwork as part of a close knit team & independently, outdoors in all weather conditions. Pref located in Oxford as no accom provided. Must be available for 2 specific weeks each month, ideally for 3+ mths between May & October & have driving licence (own car advantage)  ASK        Merryl Gelling merryl.gelling@zoo.ox.ac.uk 01865 393106


REF        VOL-DIRECT-2/4                                 JOB        WEST SUSSEX YOUNG BEACH WARDENS               

BE4        31/3/07                                                  LOC        BOGNOR REGIS AREA     

PAY         0+ free training                                     FOR        BTCV     

DES        Free training & support provided for young people who want to find out more about the coast, wildlife & implementing practical projects. Vols will plan & organise their own project & work alongside existing Beach Wardens. In partnership with V –the youth volunteering charity.            BUT        No experience necessary, just plenty of enthusiasm, Open to young people aged 16 – 25. All training provided free of charge, must be willing to commit to attending 6 day long sessions & working on a project to benefit the coast.            ASK                Contact Katy Dudman, BTCV Project Officer 02380 769719 SCBW@btcv.org.uk for more details or a chat  


REF        776-DIRECT-12/3                               JOB        STUDENT PLACEMENT FOR SPECIAL TREES PROJECT           

BE4        ?                                                              LOC        CHINNOR, OXON               

PAY         modest salary available                     FOR        CHILTERNS WOODLANDS PROJECT         

DES        Help with the Special Trees & Woods Project for 6 weeks in the summer. Tasks are varied but will involve assisting in data management, dealing with the public, volunteer management, event management, public relations & more!              BUT        Must be Computerate & have access to a vehicle. GISArcview advantage. Good communication skills essential.      ASK        Liz Manley for an informal chat 01844 355525 lmanley@chilternsaonb.org


REF        VOL-DIRECT-12/3                               JOB        VOLUNTEER

BE4        ?                                                              LOC        KINGSTON UPON THAMES

PAY         0 but expenses                                    FOR        SURREY COUNTY COUNCIL, COUNTRYSIDE TEAM

DES        2-3 days per week. To protect Surrey's countryside from being encroached upon by members of the public & other landowners. We can offer: experience; work based learning; opportunities to acquire knowledge & expertise; supportive environment. If the project is successful we hope it will lead to creation of paid part time post.            BUT        Aptitude for thinking creatively; self-motivated & determined approach; people & team working skills; able to deal with confrontational members of the public; working knowledge of GIS.         ASK        Rose Younger, Countryside Contracts Manger, Room 365, Countryside Team, County Hall, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey KT1 2DY  01483 517478  rose.younger@surreycc.gov.uk


BTCV Conserv8 - Feel gr8 and Eastleigh Youth Groups Community Award scheme are currently looking for Sunday volunteers to assist in a range of practical conservation tasks at Lakeside Country Park Eastleigh. Further information on Southern Central Region events www.btcv.org.uk/cgi-bin/office_opps_ind.cgi?ref=23&region=se  Contact:  Ken Brown 02380 769719 K.Brown@btcv.org.uk UK wide volunteering   www.btcv.org.uk/cgi-bin/office_opps.cgi?region=se


Join the team of Special Tree Volunteers in the Chilterns.  Full training provided but an interest in the environment or local history an advantage.  Tasks and time commitments to suit arranged to suit you. Go to www.chilternsaonb.org/special for more details or call Liz on 01844 355 525.


We are in search of caring, friendly and supportive volunteer walk leaders to join our scheme which enables people to enjoy a short walk in the safety and company of a group whilst improving their health. You don't need to be a walker! Contact Anna on 01424 446395 for information


Volunteer Education Assistants are required to help in all aspects of running an education centre based at a beautiful historic parkland near Reigate in Surrey. You will join in with groups of all ages form nursery to adults and help to plan, publicise and run school groups and holiday activities. Email Louise on education@gatton-park.org.uk


Conservation Volunteer Opportunities in the Lee Valley Park - London, Herts and Essex Opportunities in Survey, Practical Conservation Tasks or Aren't Birds Brilliant Projects as Information Officers. For information visit our web site at www.leevalleypark.org.uk or contact the Volunteers Manager proper@leevalleypark.org.uk (01992 709845)


Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve Volunteer (Kent Wildlife Trust)  An ideal opportunity for anyone wanting to pursue a career in conservation, with the possibility of getting involved in practical conservation tasks, events, education activities, and the running of the visitor centre shop (weekdays and weekends).camilla.blackburn@kentwildlife.org.uk; Tel: 01622 656450


England: South West

REF        VOL-DIRECT-12/3                               JOB        VOLUNTARY ASSISTANT FOR PLYM PEREGRINE PROJECT

BE4        ?                                                              LOC        CANN QUARRY, PLYMBRIDGE WOODS, PLYMOUTH

PAY         0 free accomm in nearby woodland cottage  FOR        THE NATIONAL TRUST

DES        March to July 07 approx. Assist the warden in running the project, web camera & education programme. You will welcome visitors to the small information centre & telescope viewing facility, talk to them about the peregrines & wildlife, help to manage a team of 5-+ vls, promote the project, encourage donations & recruit members. Also assist with a night time security watch during critical periods.                BUT        Great opportunity for someone seeking experience in species protection & organising a highly successful community involvement project.            ASK        Gus Fergusson, The National Trust, Home Farm, Parke, Bovey Tracey, Newton Abbot  TQ13 9JQ  01626 834750  gus.fergusson@nationaltrust.org.uk


REF        VOL-DIRECT-12/3                               JOB        MIDWEEK VOLUNTEER OFFICER

BE4        N/A                                                          LOC        PLYMOUTH OR EXETER

PAY         0                                                              FOR        BTCV

DES        Help run mid-week conservation gps which carry out practical conservation tasks such as hedgelaying, woodland management, footpath building & beach cleans in beautiful surroundings. Duties incl helping to organise & run a midweek practical conservation programme. This involves: liaising with landowners to identify project work; undertaking site visits to assess viability of practical work; leading & motivating gps of vols carrying out practical conservation activities, providing assistance & instruction. Free training in all necessary skills + opportunity to study for NVQ II in env conservation & gain valuable experience.  BUT        Enthusiastic & friendly. Commitment 6+ months, 2/3 dpw. 21+ with clean driving licence for 2+ years & able to drive our minibus.   ASK        Fran Bryant, Plymouth BTCV, 89 Houndiscombe Road, Mutley, Plymouth  PL4 6HB  01752 301416  F.Bryant@btcv.org.uk  or Ruth Peirson, Exeter BTCV, 11-15 Dix’s Field, Exeter  EX1 1QA  01392 666460  R.Peirson@btcv.org.uk


REF        VOL-DIRECT-12/3                               JOB        MIDWEEK VOLUNTEER OFFICERS

BE4        ?                                                              LOC        TAMAR VALLEY, DEVON

PAY         0                                                              FOR        BTCV

DES        Enthusiastic & friendly vols to help run our midweek gp which carries out practical conservation tasks such as heathland management, hedgelaying, woodland management & footpath building in the beautiful Devon / Cornish cside. This involves: helping to plan work, carrying out site visits, leading, instructing & motivating gps of vols. Gain valuable experience & free training in all necessary skills (incl tree & wildlife ID, habitat management, leadership, first aid & risk assessments). Also an opportunity to study for an NVQ II in Env Conservation, which usually takes 6+ months to complete. The gp goes out on Tues & Thurs (& some weekends).         BUT                Ideally driving licence for 2+ years.

ASK Chris Avent, 0845 223 5433  07740 899693.  BTCV, Merryhue Farm, Callington  PL17 7HW  C.Avent@btcv.org.uk


REF        VOL-DIRECT-19/3                               JOB        VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY

BE4        16/3/07  IV/29/3/07                              LOC        GLASTONBURY

PAY         0  Free travel, accom & board           FOR        THE NATIONAL TRUST

DES        Spend 6 weeks (4 June to 15 July) in rural Somerset, all expenses paid working with cside managers & Britain's foremost butterfly experts. Be lead person in a team responsible for visitor management & biological recording at Britain's only open access site for the Large Blue butterfly Maculinea arion: Collard Hill – a SSSI limestone grassland near Glastonbury. Be part of the warden team that manages the Somerset cside for the National Trust.  BUT        Enthusiastic conservationist, able communicator & physically fit.            ASK                robert.holden@nationaltrust.org.uk


REF        VOL-DIRECT-5/3                                 JOB        2 ASSISTANT WARDENS

BE4        from March                                            LOC        WEST SEDGEMOOR RESERVE     

PAY         0                                                              FOR        RSPB    

DES        Placements are ideal for those looking for a career in conservation as they offer training & experience on an internationally important reserve. Many previous trainee wardens have gone on to employment with RSPB or other conservation orgs. Provided with necessary training. E.g. tractors, ATV, 4x4 as appropriate. 6+ mths. Accom provided free on the reserve.      BUT        Must be over 18, full, clean driving licence & some driving experience. Keen interest in wildlife & conservation, lots of enthusiasm, practical aptitude, enjoy working as part of a team & would like to improve chances of gaining employment in conservation.              ASK        Becky Thorpe 01458 252820 becky.thorpe@rspb.org.uk


REF        VOL-DIRECT-12/3                               FOR        BTCV CORNWALL

BE4        ?                                                              LOC        FALMOUTH, CORNWALL 

JOB:                                                              DES/BUT:

Youth & Schools Volunteer Officer                   Enthusiastic vol to assist in running of educational & project activities for young people between ages of 13 – 19, introducing them to practical conservation work, training & career opportunities.

Practical Volunteer Officer                                Enthusiastic vol to assist un running of practical conservation activities programme with day tasks 3 to 4 dpw.  BOTH: Must be over 21 & pref able to commit to 6+ mths. Have held a full driving licence for 2+ years’. BTCV offer full training incl NVQ Level II or III in Env Conservation & outstanding record of helping VO’s into env careers.   PAY          0              ASK                Betty Levene, BTCV, Falmouth Green Centre, Union Road, Falmouth TR11 4JW 01326 378587 b.levene@btcv.org.uk            


REF        VOL-DIRECT-12/3                               JOB        VOLUNTEER WARDEN    

BE4        N/A                                                          LOC        ISLES OF SCILLY               

PAY         0*                                                            FOR        ISLES OF SCILLY WILDLIFE TRUST              DES        Work takes place across the islands, inhabited & uninhabited, travel between the islands by boat. Primarily vegetation clearance on heathland, footpaths & sites of archaeological importance. Also reedbed management, fencing & assisting with movement of animals. * receive 20% discount on Skybus, special rate on boat. Free bunk bed accom available.  BUT       No experience required, need to be adaptable & physically fit.                 ASK        Julie Love, Volunteer & Education Manager, Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust, St. Mary’s, Isles of Scilly TR21 0PT julielove@ios-wildlifetrust.org.uk 01720 422153        


REF        VOL-DIRECT-19/3                               JOB        VOLUNTEER WARDEN FOR LARGE BLUE BUTTERFLY         

BE4        16/3/07  IV 29/3/07                              LOC        COLLARD HILL, nr STREET, SOMERSET    

PAY         0 + accom, board & travel                  FOR        THE NATIONAL TRUST    

DES        The only open access site to see the rare Large Blue butterfly & attracts hundreds of enthusiasts from across the country. Need a lead person responsible for visitor management & biological recording during the busy flight season. High profile role offers a unique chance to work some of the country’s leading butterfly experts. Duties: manage visitors to ensure their visits are safe (site is on a steep slope) & as enjoyable as possible & that the butterfly is protected. Responsible for conducting important research into the butterfly’s population & distribution & summarising findings in an end of season report. Post is 6 weeks 4 June to 15 July.      BUT        Enthusiastic, able to communicate & can demonstrate experience of working with the public. Active interest in env conservation. Good knowledge of butterfly ecology strong advantage although training will be given prior to flight season.  Physically fit, due to walking on steep slopes.                 ASK        Robert.holden@nationaltrust.org.uk              


REF        VOL-DIRECT-OK8                               JOB        VOLUNTEERS TO HELP AT HQ     

BE4        ongoing                                                 LOC        SALISBURY         

PAY         0                                                              FOR        PLANTLIFE                                                          

DES        Although the work is office based, it offers a practical way to contribute to Plantlife’s efforts in saving wild plants. For those wishing to pursue a career in conservation, it offers valuable work experience & a good insight into the UK & international conservation sectors. Duties are varied.  BUT                Dynamic, ideally Computerate with MS Office. Able to commit for 1 dpw. All reasonable travel expenses are paid.     ASK                enquiries@plantlife.org.uk                 01722 342730 for a chat.


Torbay Coast and Countryside Trust is an independent conservation charity based in South Devon.  With the help of hundreds of volunteers we care for 1800 acres of green sites. We run an extensive programme of volunteer days from surveying wildlife and pruning trees to making charcoal and laying hedges.  Visit www.countryside-trust.org.uk for details.


Seeking Seasonal Volunteers to help watch over a goat herd on Westhay Moor Nature Reserve.  Alternatively, Green Fingered Gardeners to help propogate flowers for our annual plant sale at Fyne Court Nature Reserve in the Quantocks. For more information contact Carolynn on carolynn.jureidini@somersetwildlife.org or (01823) 652400


April - September a rewarding residential volunteer position welcoming visitors and encourage them to support our work through membership and other means and some survey work. Assisting with walks and events on and off site.  Radipole Lake is located in the heart of Weymouth,  accommodation is 5 mins from the reserve.  lynne.burningham@rspb.org.uk or 01305 778313


A different way to gain valuable experience and find out which areas you need to develop – and it's in the sunshine too!


Cost-Free Environmental Training

Logo: Operation New World

Operation New World is a registered charity that aims to help unemployed young people find jobs. Anne Leonard, who set up the scheme says, ‘I wanted to help people who were unemployed or stuck in dead-end/ part-time jobs, to find out what they really wanted to do and enable them to do it. Many young people – and recently this has included more and more university graduates – are caught in a trap, doing voluntary work for years, without finding the paid job that they need, or even discovering what is wrong with their CV. Operation New World helps them to bridge this gap.”

How does it work?  There are two modules: first, a residential weekend in the UK countryside, to meet the rest of the team - usually twenty like-minded young people, in the same age-group - take part in team building and outdoor training. This is followed by a one week training course on an environmentally interesting island abroad, usually Corsica, or Sardinia off the coast of Italy, La Gomera or Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands; or Holy Island, off the coast of Scotland.

Training is cost-free.  Operation New World provides flights, accommodation and tuition, free of charge. Students pay only for getting to the start-points – Victoria Coach Station (for the introductory weekend) and Gatwick Airport for the week abroad.

Results The success rate is very high. Since the project started in 1994, 90% of participants have succeeded in finding jobs, or making a positive career change, shortly after completion of the course. People consistently report that the experience has been life-changing, resulting in vastly improved self-confidence, better job prospects and – unexpectedly – a raft of new friendships that continue to thrive for years to come. [There is also much talk of romance and even weddings are not unknown! But this is unofficial!]       

How to apply  If you are under 25, part-time employed or unemployed, with a genuine wish to learn about the countryside and environmental issues, but find it hard to get that dream-job, email anne@opnewworld.co.uk for an application form. Next course is in February 2007 so time is short.  See also website www.opnewworld.co.uk

Anne Leonard very kindly sent some photographs from previous expeditions but unfortunately we were unable to include them in the main publication. To see the photos click here. 



REF        VOL-DIRECT-12/3                               JOB        CORAL CAY CONSERVATION VOLUNTEERS
BE4        ?                                                              LOC        Worldwide
PAY         0                                                              FOR        CORAL CAY CONSERVATION
DES        Assist in conservation of fragile & exotic tropical marine & terrestrial envs. Help gather data for protection & sustainable management of reefs & rainforests; providing alternative livelihood opportunities for local communities. A chance to work with like minded vols from a range of backgrounds & ages. Projects destinations incl the Caribbean, Oceania, Australasia & South East Asia. Departing monthly, vols can spend a min of 1 week at their chosen destination. Full scientific & SCUBA diving tuition provided. Gain expertise in tropical ecology, career prospects.                  BUT

Expedition teams are made up of a diverse range of age gps, backgrounds & occupations. Enthusiasm, dedication & a keen interest in conservation. Must be 16+ years. Teamwork spirit. Moderate level of fitness. Sense of adventure & fun. Ability to speak & read English as all expedition training is given in English.  Costs start from £600.           ASK

www.coralcay.org  0870 750 0668 for more information. Email info@coralcay.org


REF        VOL-DIRECT-12/3                               JOB        WILDLIFE & COMMUNITY EXPEDITION TO KENYA   

BE4        N/A                                                          LOC        KENYA, AFRICA  

PAY         0*                                                            FOR        GLOBAL VISION INTERNATIONAL 

DES        Travel to an exotic peninsula of Kenya bordering the Kisite-Mpunguti Marine National Park. Work with dolphins, primates & big game & discover both African Savannah & the Indian Ocean as an active member of a GVI research team. Study the biodiversity of the region & work with local communities to assist them in benefiting from their natural resources in a sustainable manner. Learn about oceanography & observe dolphins, humpback whales & manta rays. Gain bush tracking skills & learn new survey techniques. Take part in a forest night walk & sleep under the African skies. Members are needed for 5, 10 & 15 weeks. * completing a 10 week expedition entitles you to apply for a free GVI  Internship.               BUT        There is no typical volunteer. Must be enthusiastic, interested in conservation & prepared to work in a team.  ASK        Contact GVI at info@gvi.co.uk www.gvi.co.uk               


REF        VOL-DIRECT-12/3                               JOB        AMAZON WILDLIFE CONSERVATION EXPEDITION   

BE4        N/A                                                          LOC        ECUADOR           

PAY         0*                                                            FOR        GLOBAL VISION INTERNATIONAL 

DES        Wan to research endangered species in a truly remote & beautiful part of the Amazon Rainforest? Travel by motorised dugout canoe to Yachana in the heart of the Ecuadorian rainforest & work on a variety of projects involving scientific investigation & education. Yachana! & the surrounding region has the highest plant diversity in the world & is home to river turtles, caiman, number of snakes & great variety of monkeys, macaws & butterflies. Help develop a comprehensive species list, assist the local community in developing a long term sustainable eco-tourism project & help initiate an env education program. Rigorous training provided to ensure holistic understanding of the rainforest. * completing a 10 week expedition entitles you to apply for a free internship with GVI.              BUT                There is no typical volunteer! All expedition  members must be enthusiastic, interested in conservation & prepared to work in a team. Expedition members are needed for 5, 10 & 15 weeks. ASK        info@gvi.co.uk www.gvi.co.uk          


Coral Cay Conservation (CCC) is an award-winning not-for-profit organisation that sends teams of Volunteers to scientifically survey some of the world’s most endangered coral reefs and tropical forests.  CCC has expeditions in the Caribbean, Oceania, Australasia and South East Asia.  Full training in marine and terrestrial surveying techniques (and dive tuition) is provided on location.            email: info@coralcay.org               phone: 0870 750 0668


Join Conservation Volunteers and help with practical projects across New Zealand! Established 2006 by Conservation Volunteers Australia, CVNZ is a practical conservation organisation. International volunteers welcome, cost applies to cover food, accommodation, travel and project management. Projects in urban, regional and remote locations every week of the year. bookings@conservationvolunteers.com.au  www.conservationvolunteers.co.nz


Join Conservation Volunteers and help with practical projects across Australia! Established 1982, Conservation Volunteers is Australia's leading practical conservation organisation. International volunteers welcome, cost applies to cover food, accommodation, travel and project management. Projects in urban, regional and remote / outback locations every week of the year. bookings@conservationvolunteers.com.au  www.conservationvolunteers.com.au


National Surveys, Training and Events: 


Contribute to skate and ray conservation by taking part in the Great Eggcase Hunt! Empty eggcases that wash up on beaches provide information on the whereabouts of skate and ray nursery grounds. Search the tideline for eggcases and identify species with our easy identification guides. Visit www.eggcase.co.uk for more information.


Common Plants Survey. Annual nationwide survey of 65 common plants in different habitats, monitoring over 520 one km Ordnance Survey grid squares. More surveyors required for Scotland, N. Ireland, Northern England, Wales, Midlands, East Anglia and the South West. Tel: 01722 342755. Email: enquiries@plantlife.org.uk or Post: 14 Rollestone Street, Salisbury, SP1 1DX    

Annual survey. No deadline.


Set sail for the UK’s Big Game Safari!

The Wildlife Trusts’ are offering the British public chance to take part in the Basking Shark Project through a series of eco-holidays.  Anyone wishing to find out more about should call Lissa Goodwin on

 (01636) 677711 or email lissa.goodwin@btopenworld.com or visit http://baskingsharks.wildlifetrusts.org


Help survey amphibians and reptiles! The Herpetological Conservation Trust invites volunteer surveyors to take part in national surveys. Can you spare a few hours, several times this spring? Beginners welcome as identification and survey training courses will be provided around the UK in March and April.  Sign up at www.narrs.org.uk.



Losehill Hall is one of Britain's leading training providers for countryside and environmental professionals, offering residential courses in the Peak District and tailor made training at your premises.  For more details, visit www.losehilltraining.org.uk or phone Julie Slinn on 01433 620373 and ask for a copy of our 2007/8 brochure.



Environmental Futures: 23 February   www.careers.lon.ac.uk/ef

This new premier careers event is for those wanting to start a career in the environmental sector. Featuring keynote speeches, a panel of environmental professionals, an interactive workshop, careers fair stands from employers and professional organisations and networking opportunities.



New Butterfly book for country-folk. WildGuides has published Discover Butterflies in Great Britain. Lavishly Illustrated, it details 66 top butterfly locations across the nation and also has full details and pictures of all UK’s species. Normally £19.95, readers can obtain a copy for £17.50 from sales@wildguides.co.uk or tel 01628 529297


PLEASE REMEMBER to DOUBLE CHECK the BE4 (closing date) of the vacancies. 

And - Contact ONLY the number or address given – or you may annoy the Personnel Officer who will decide your future…

Also, please mention CJS when applying.                    This Special Edition was published 19/2/07.


KEY         NB:

REF        CJS reference no.                               JOB        Title

BE4        'Before' deadline for applications. IV = Interview date.                                 LOC        Location

PAY         £ range - usually per annum (but check starting point)                                               FOR        Employer

DES        Description of Job  BUT       But they want ...    ASK      Ask for Details /Application Form from ...

BUT:       Please check the BUT section to ensure that you have all of the required qualifications / experience before you apply.

ASK:      Contact ONLY the number or address given – or you may annoy the Personnel Officer who will decide your future…

Asst = assist/ant  c = circa                                 computerate = computer literate      cside = countryside

Direct = sent direct to CJS                                                 env = environment                               equiv = equivalent

esp = especially                  rel = relevant                         org = organisation                               incl = include       

info = information                IV = interview                        pref = preferably                   arb = arboriculture

SAE = stamped self-addressed  envelope    hort = horticulture                                cert = certificate

temp = temporary                vol = volunteer                      wb = week beginning                         2+years' = 2 or more years

? = no info/unclear              [yes] = yes that is what it says                                                           p/t = part-time


Details believed correct but given without prejudice. Ends.